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  1. Just noticed that you're still around and giving people now-unavailable mods.


    Great work! :)

  2. You still have that awesome custom title and picture. Nice :xp:

  3. 519974-038_ArrowDown-20.png Good to see. :D
  4. So cool you're still here and active.

  5. You're still modding. :) Good to see.

  6. You're picture is still classic.

  7. Hehe ok, just wondering about your nichts zu danken at Ulmont's page :D

  8. R2-X2

    Yeah there is not much left to say :)

  9. How did you manage to do 324 posts in just 3 months on these forums? They seem so dead :/

  10. Thanks! (Seems I'm going to build up a former name archive on my profile's visitor messages...) :xp:

  11. What exactly does your picture show? Just curious...

  12. Ah... the Mirdala Mandalor was the first... but what came in between?

  13. Damn! You've changed your name again! And because I've been inactive for almost 1,5 years, I - once more - have to ask you what your earlier names were.

  14. For how long have you used this picture? (Seems to me like you've always had the same) :p

  15. Yeah you're right about it. I just got KotOR running without always crashing a week ago... after not being able to fully play the game on my computer for five years (I had to use another one for certain areas and an USB-Stick for the savegames...). Now I think I'll make a heavily modded playthrough after I finish my current, completely clean one. :)

  16. Hello juansaman! Just came for a little visit :p

  17. Just gonna say hi again :p

  18. Little question: Is the Taris Middle City project dead or still alive?

  19. Yeah, the uploaded version has got the KDY symbol and "KDY Security" in written Aurebesh at the back…

  20. Oh my god! I don't even have got that much space on my whole hard drive!


    I guess with 118.848 files hidden in 4.692 different folders, there's no way to find anything

  21. My only reason is that I'll try coming back into modding (last time at least 6 months ago) and would like to do something with some guys wearing these suits.

    And 80 gigs? What the heck do you have got in there? :p


    Anyway it'd be nice if you could send these or remade skins to me.

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