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  1. republic commandos original game (held in a databank at lucasarts), was original giving the commandos all 38s voice, except more rough and strong. also, it didnt show the number of rounds you had, but the number of cartridges you have. the commandos all had the same white armor and the crosshairs for weapons were different. also the visor. they could bring that back, except make it an omega squad game
  2. go into propertys, go to min damage, and up the damage done
  3. thats a tough 1... depends on if the arc is a standard infantry arc,then no. if its like a NULL ARC, then yah.....
  4. there could b arc troopers, and the clone troopers would obey u
  5. yah like and the clone troopers armor would b episode 3 like. the battle of kashyyyk, maybe an assasination mission in broad daylight on coroscaunt (you must remain covert and secret like up on high buildings to snipe), and finally, you go inside general grievouses ship and disable it. OH OH AND ALSO THE BATTLE OF UTAPA
  6. i mean everything would b similar except for names and armor. different missions on other planets... new weapon attachments (grenade launcher attachment that shoots them very far and fast) new manuvers,enemies, jedi, plus the new advisor. i could get used to that
  7. oh and can yall help me out with my texture brighness problem in th e skinning forum?
  8. I re textured all of my commandos to white and removed all of there attachments (backpacks, sniper packs, etc..) but when it is very dark, the commandos are like GLOWING white like sun is shining on them. is there a way to make it so when they are in a dark place the armor acts like it would if it was the default texture???
  9. how bout when the commandos are on the front lines with all the clone troopers (that look like the ones in ep3), they spot sev being interrogated inside an outpost that their suppost to infiltrate. they disobey there orders, get back sev, and then order sixty six has begun. they COULD go rouge or they COULD remain loyal. thats my idea of what commando 2 will b like. its perfect for a sequel...
  10. check out my post about no accessories

  11. go in unreal, save the commando white texture as a .bmp, along with all the other commando textures u wish 2 overwright. hit import, and replace the texture desired (for example if u wanted to replace sevs with a white commando, hit the white commando.bmp and select the file that u want 2 overright. i kno that wasnt specific at all...... ok go in unreal, go to static meshes, hit weapons, then accessories. add _out to the end of every accessory that delta squad uses! if u need help ill b glad 2 b more specific. and there u go!! perfectly identicle white commandos!!!i dont kno how 2 post a screen shot soo........ u all can look at the extras movies to see what im talking about. the commandos in the extras movies are the ones i made, except those all have 38s voice-which can be remade http://sandcrawler.net/rcmod/forum/download/file.php?id=2&mode=view
  12. hey! im new to this forum and.. i know that there have been some posts about this already but none of them have been very helpful. i have the pirated version of commando for pc, and i have heared i need to use the unrealed file text editor to edit the commandos to white armor. i realy dont know if that is right or not, or how to do it. if there is a mod download link someone could give me, or simply walk me through it, i think it would help alot of ppl. thanks!! ~jaysta
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