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  1. YAY! Logan, you just made my day!

  2. Sweet, I'm excited! I think this will really help everyone (especially me :D ) with getting this mod done.

  3. Just endlessly busy with life, trying to squeeze in time for KOTOR/TSL. I assumed that since you've started that planet mod you wanted to take a break from Team Hssiss and half of the other guys have seemed to drop out again so I should wait for something transpire.

  4. In that case, Yahoo Chat would be good. Just email on Google when you want to Yahoo Chat and I'll be there.

  5. Hey, expect that dialog soon. :D

  6. Tell me about it, especially when you haven't been sick that way in ages. :p


    Any interesting progress news?

  7. Yes, but all my footage got screwed up. Was going to fix that but I got sick (why you don't have my audition yet), but I just got better so I'm back on it.

  8. Got it! Downloading now.

  9. Have TriggerGod and any of the others submitted any of the lightsaber models for this yet? Just curious.

  10. Well KOTOR III should have a manual. :D

  11. Yeah, I saw the stats in the social group.


    A guide you say? I like! Sort of a user manual?

  12. Ooh, just saw! Nice textures (though I should really tell Redrob that :D)! I definitely want to make a Miraluka Consular with uber awareness at this point.

  13. Not much. I finally finished the next version of M4-78's storyline.


    Also, my general sanity is FINALLY improving, so I'm going to get back to being a more active part of the team.

  14. Everyone stopped playing except me, so I stopped too. Also, life has gotten really really busy for me lately.

  15. Yup, that's awesome! Looking forward to the new soundtrack.

  16. Hey! Finals are finally over, thank god. This term was absolute irritation, and I had a bunch of personal **** on top of that.


    I should be able to start testing those fixes you sent me soon, FYI.

  17. Please! I asked for such several times in the social group.

  18. I have been waiting for Juansaman to submit his latest version of the plot map. It'll help map out where the NPCs go and what their dialogs are.

  19. No clue, I haven't really followed TOR that closely.

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