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  1. This is obviously the ramblings of someone with a weak PC. My PC (and many others I am certain) far exceed the power of PS3, Xbox 360, and of course Wii. I think that LA has decided that NOT having a PC version means that it can't be pirated. It is a sad truth, but many PC only developers have either dual-developed for consoles, or switched over entirely. I have tons of games that I have collected over the years, and many of them never received the screen time they were worthy of. I'll have stuff to play, but I'd like to be able to play new stuff as it becomes available. It am afraid to be right about this. If the superior platform is no longer viable (read: profitable) enough because of the problems of copying and pirating, then does the PC (as a gaming platform) have much life left?
  2. I have been a good supporter of LucasArts over the years... Jedi Knight I & II Republic Commando Empire at War (both) Lego Star Wars I & II I am just wondering why LA is denying the PC gamer a chance to play this game? I am certainly not running out to buy a PS3 or Wii just to play it, and I am certain by PC can handle it. It just doesn't make sense to me.
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