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  1. I don't think so, I think all lightsaber drops are of random types, just seems you've been unlucky in only getting db.
  2. I'd say Vrook purely based on the fact that he's usually the most difficult to face on my ds playthroughs, good opponent. We've never seen Vandar fight so i have no clue there, but obviously probably similar to Yoda.
  3. I'm pretty sure the key is to their hanger in the loading bay. Go there and unlock it and prepare for a good fight. Then you will take a shuttle to an alternate entrance to the base.
  4. I agree whole-heartedly. I finished them up last night. It left me wanting more, when unfortunately we know there is no more. I'm hoping if it's successful enough, they reconsider and finish up the series proper. Would love to see Filoni's vision of right up till Ep. III. That would be amazing.
  5. If I remember right, it's just for him, but you also gain some neat inside information on HK, he starts to remember things about his past.
  6. I think we're all still a little bitter on the games that could have been
  7. Holy crap! That makes me sooo excited!!! Can't wait to watch the 6th season! I hope this also eventually makes it onto bluray/dvd. Hopefully in another box set as well, considering the last one was an absolute failure with the sync issues and no recall or anything.
  8. I didn't even know there was Europa Universalis 4 until I saw this, now I will have to go play it lol I had so much fun back in the day with the original, I had no clue the series actually continued on. Thanks guys, for taking much more of my time and moola. hahahaha
  9. The planet is Manaan, not Kamino. And the guy you are talking about is Sunry, the only way to get this quest is with Jolee. This is KOTOR after all, so not all is as it seems. Do you wish the full story? Kind of hard to help you with spoiling it. It is sort of like being a detective so I suggest continuing to snoop if you want to find out for yourself.
  10. Controller mapping is the issue bud. I think I may have figured out a solution, but just have to give it a try sometime.
  11. I've actually only finished one playthrough of KOTOR on PC. I've always played them on xbox, I just prefer the control scheme on xbox. I need to sit down and give them a try on pc again though, just have so many other games I'd like to play, and I spent so much of my life on these games already haha
  12. I'd like to give it a try, do you have it set up for Kotor, Kotor 2, and possibly Battlefront 2? These are the games I'd like to have Xbox support on.
  13. I can't remember, what's the bonus for going for Czerka?
  14. That's what I figured, haven't got bluray versions yet, but don't think I will till we get the original versions added as well.
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