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  1. Hi jaden i love your mods i want ask are your mods stored only in jediknights***.filefront.com or not? Because Megaupload and kotofiles are death now.


    And i love your reskins from KOTOR1 and problem to get them now thanks.

  2. i cannot create account on deadlystream cause they dont accept new members :(

  3. i Can't wait when u finish Sith Stalker :)

  4. Sup i talk with darth deadman he gave me contact for ya due sith stalker model.

    Just want ask if posissible to make/convert for TSL. Just theoreticaly if i got rights on that mod are u able to convert to TSL ? Thnanks :) Oh and if u want join conversation we are here :) :http://www.lucasforums.com/showthread.php?t=209478

  5. Hi got somebody link to armored robes? Cause filefront link missed . Thanks.

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