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  1. If you're in Conquest mode, choose the bacta bonus (Naboo). Spawn at the Forward CP, hop in a Scout Walker, move around behind your own CP and wait. They'll send a flock of Tauntaun riders at you - a Tauntaunslaught, if you will. Blast 'em. Once that wave is dead, march over to the Bunker. Park your Walker by the R5 and take the CP. Then get back in it, or mount a Tauntaun if someone stole your Walker, and head toward Echo Base. That CP is never heavily guarded, and I've often taken it without ever firing a shot. Once it falls, move into the base and take the Control. Again, they rarely spawn anyone to defend it. Finally, move up to the Outpost CP. Stand inside the corridor just at the edge of the CP zone, and wait for defenders to come up the stairs. If you're patient, your own troops will help you take this one. Once you have all of their base CPs, get in a turret and start shooting the Shield Generator. Once that falls, the victory timer starts.
  2. This doesn't always work the way I want it to, but when it does, it works big. Spawn in Echo Base and hop in a Speeder. Fly over to their far CP (Forward something-or-other) and land the Speeder directly on it. this gives you badly needed COVER. Dance around your Speeder defending yourself until the CP is taken. Then range out and kill any Imp stragglers who could retake it. Once that CP is secure, hop in and fly over to the Bunker to defend it. Get in a turret and blast their Scout Walkers first - they can't respawn since you're holding the CP. Then go to work on the AT-ATs. Each time an AT-AT respawns, be sure you go back on defend the Forward CP from the troops they spawn.
  3. As Clowns - Spawn at an AT-TE, get in it, pilot it around the Spire toward the back. Shoot the Spider but ignore the Hailfire (wheel bike). Pause near the East/West CP (depending on which way you went) and blow up a TU Shiip while your bots take the CP. Then move up just until you can see the next TU Ship, blow it up while your bots take the Spire. Then move up a bit and blow up the last TU Ship. You'll have lost the Derelict by this time, so head back over there. Get out and start shooting stuff. There's a "back door" in the Derelict. If you come toward it from the west, there's a narrow gap where you can wriggle through and end up behind the med/ammo bots to take the CP.
  4. On PS2, Jedi heroes can't be killed with conventional methods (blasters, grenades, mines etc). They can only be crushed by a vehicle or forced into a no-live zone (water on Theed, down a pit, etc). On Bespin Platforms, it's very hard to kill a Jedi in the corridors, because you need to blow him through a window at just the right angle. A better method is to wait until he emerges onto a platform, then grenade/rocket him off. On Bespin Cloud City, the only way I've found is to blow him off the bridge just outside the Carbon Freezing Chamber (NO! THAT CAN'T BE TRUE! THAT'S IMPOSSIBLE!... bye whiney Luke!) On most other maps, you can run him over with a speeder or bigger vehicle and that does the trick.
  5. I can always win this level, as either Imps or Rebs, in Conquest, storyline or Instant, with nothing more than a basic Trooper. But then again, I have mad skillz As Imps - Spawn at your Box, run down to the middle (shouting "follow me" because your AI buddies are just that dumb), capture the Arena. Stand next to a medbot and face the Rebel box, SHOOT ANY SNIPERS before they get you, then run out either the side or the front, whichever has the most Rebels coming through. Shoot them all. Then go to the other place they're coming from and shoot them all. I usually run down the corridor toward their far base, lob a grenade blindly up the stairs, then turn around and head back to the middle. Run up the slope toward their Box, gathering followers when possible, and take their Box. You may lose the Arena in the meantime, but no biggie. Once you have both Boxes, you control the Arena. Push out toward thier last CP (Gate?) and mow 'em down. As Rebs - same thing, mirror image. Take and defend the Arena, then take their Box. It takes a few tries but you'll eventually get it. As either side, it helps if you move to the area just under their Box and lob a few grenades up there. Try not to hit the bots in back though, you may need them yourself. Frankly, the other Yavin map is tougher and swingier than this one.
  6. As Rebs in Mos Eisley on PS2 - Spawn at the Cantina, run out the south door nearest their CPs, run to the left (not right down the narrow alley) and toward the Warehouse. Jump over the wall into the Warehouse CP zone, stand by the medbot as you capture it. Once you capture it, defend it for a bit, then run down the alley along the bottom of the map (or through the maze of buildings if you can) toward the Housing. Take it, then ignore the Market CP and run all the way up to the top of the map to defend the Shops (your CP). Hold the Imps in the Market until they run out of troops.
  7. Same strategy works with a Vanguard. It takes two full 'rounds' of rockets, but same result, bye-bye Shield Generator.
  8. Visibility is crap on Endor, horrible horrible game design. Very unfun. On PS2, I can take it out with a Vanguard. It takes more missiles than you have, unfortunately, but there are two Gonks right outside the bunker. You have to shoot directly at the 'flag generator', and supplement your rocket assault with concussion grenades. But if you can survive long enough to reload (or have a friendly Pilot nearby to reload you), it only takes two 'rounds' of rockets to reduce it to rubble.
  9. My strategy is to ignore them entirely. As Rebs - Spawn at the Homestead, get in a Speeder, blast a few early-spawning Tuskens on the way to the Sandcrawler, park in front of the Sandcrawler and use your vehicle as cover while you crouch in back of the CP til it's taken. Toggle between defending it and defending the Homestead from the (relative) safety of your Speeder. Don't engage Walkers directly unless you're next to an R5. As Imps - Spawn at the Crawler, hop on a speeder bike, zoom to the Homestead and take it. The Rebs never spawn inside the Homestead, so if you crouch next to the medbot, they won't even know you're there. By the time the Tuskens are a threat, you should have spawned a Walker there. Sandpeople have no rockets, no mines and no defense against vehicles.
  10. Jester72MI


    Hmm, I've never tried jumping a Darkie up to the Piers... As Rebs - Spawn at a Pier, run to the farther stairway (not the nearest one), blow away their first wave and try to take the Dock. It takes me a few tries, but I can usually get it. Once I have it, I toggle between defending it, defending the other Pier, and taking the Landing. I generally ignore the AT-STs, let the AI turrets and vanguards deal with them. It's a struggle at first, but as their numbers wear thin, it becomes easier to push out toward their CPs. Also, they'll often abandon Walkers, so watch for a chance to steal one. As Imps - Spawn at the back, get in a walker, march up the middle, pause at an R5 to heal up while destroying any turrets, then march to a pier (I'm partial to the left Pier). Get out, go up the rope bridge, take the CP and keep turning around while you do. No matter what direction you face, the game will find a way to spawn someone directly behind you Once you have it, just keep defending until they run out of guys. Make sure you support the Landing, as that's the first thing they go for. As Seps - same thing, except with an AAT. As Repubilc - I don't usually play Republic. Stealing an AAT sounds like a good plan though.
  11. The Lighthouse really is the key to this battle. No matter which faction you play, your very first order of business should be to capture it. As Imps - I spawn as a Heavy at the AT-AT and run to the Lighthouse. Along the way, I toss out one grenade toward the Fortress, which usually catches scum spawning from there. Once the Lighthouse is captured, I lay mines along the north stairs while blowing up their Speeders. Sometimes I switch to a regular Trooper or Sniper to protect the Caves entrance, though mines work wonders there too. Really, though, all you need to do is take and hold the Lighthouse. With only 2 CPs left, the Rebs die of attrition. Speeder note: If you have a chance to take a Rebel Speeder, do it! Thrust directly toward the ice wall between the Citadel and the Fortress - you'll go partway up the wall, and can land on either the Citadel or Fortress and blow away thier turrets and fresh spawn. If you get grenaded too heavily, just drop down to the R5. As Rebs - I spawn as a Vanguard at the Fortress, run to the Lighthouse (dropping mines along the way), stand next to the Gonk and fire missiles at the AT-AT. Once they lose the AT-AT, they lose reinforcements until it respawns. Again, easy win through attrition, though I can usually take the Ice Caves later in the game too. As Seps - Stand there and twiddle your thumbs and let the Droidekas do the heavy lifting. Seriously, these things are a bit overpowered in this game. If you want to actually contribute, follow the Reb strategy - spawn as an Assault Droid, lay mines around the Lighthouse and rocket the crap out of the AT-TE. Your Droidekas will often take the Ice Caves for you while you're doing that. As Republic - I have a horrible time dealing with Droidekas, even as a Jet, so I rarely play the Clowns. Same general idea though - hold the Lighthouse, defend the Ice Caves entrance, and let attrition work its magic.
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