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    Modding, photonovels, alternative Star Wars saga
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    KotOR, TSL
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    KotOR II: TSL
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  1. hello drewton i loved your reskin of sion any chance you release him any day? thx


  2. How goes the Modding?

  3. Hey, doing good. I've been keeping up with RoR and it keeps looking better. Even the website looks fantastic. Unfortunately though, it looks like Lord of Hunger is gone?


    As for my own mods, I may not be posting, but believe me, I've been working hard on a project!

  4. Happy Turkey Day.

  5. To be honest, I never got very far with Nar Shaddaa textures, at least not in a way I was happy with. The way every single module was UV mapped was way too restrictive to make it look interesting. But I'd be more than willing to help out Quanon with his modules if he wanted my help.

  6. Thanks! How's Revenge of Revan going? What I've seen of the mod has looked very good.

  7. Quanon is working on a new area of Nar Shaddaa. I know you've worked on Nar Shaddaa textures. Perhaps you two should work together? Check out "Quanon's Sell Out Thread" and see if you can picture your Nar Shaddaa textures on his models?

  8. hey, hows it going?

    The Skins look amazing!

  9. Welcome back!

  10. I'm inviting cool people to join Hss chatbox, because I'm just that cool to invite other cool people. http://xat.com/web_gear/chat/go_large.php?id=93250730

  11. Do you yet live as a modding entity?

  12. Read my PM? Too long? LOL

  13. Hey Drewton! Didn't know you were here! How's it goin man?

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