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  1. I sent you a PM with links to DL.


    The mod file r2x2 used the tsl patcher. if that doesnt work, just grab the mod file from the folder in the rar file.


    I also sent a link to the latest override files that i did that need to be updated. one is the skybox the other is the giant buildingsa round the platform. You will need to drop those in the override, and open up the ARE file in the MOD file and add a roomstrut for 01e the skybox.


    Once you do that you can warp to the latest area and see to the right of the platform where the ships all need to fly back and forth at all levels etc. Just a crowded shipping lane :) ty

  2. Any luck on the ships?

  3. Hey,


    I will ask Juansman to message you with what rooms need to be reskinned.

  4. open up the lyt file in note pad and just delete that line :)

  5. I added updated files ot the discussion group for you to download. I told rx and juans to add you to the group.

  6. I told r2x2(he is the group moderator) to add you to our group. In the group discussion is download links to my model and area files, and you will see updates from r2 on his work with npc's and merchants (which has been awesome).


    What i basically want, once you see the area in detail, is right to the right of the main platform, inbetween the platform and the giant buildigns, is to have air ships flying through and alternating speeds. Just like you would see on a highway. The main thing on wookiepedia about the middle city is that air traffic cuts through it, and its themost populated area of taris.


    I am working on making a new sky box and giant buildings that surround the platform, and will have the new model area files done by tomorrow and will distribute to the group.


    I really appriciate you helping out with this part, and can assure you you will get as much credit for the mod as myself and everyone else. It will be all our mod. Thanks man

  7. Hey, sithspector is going to help us with the flying ships for the air traffic part. Can you please add him to our middle city group so he can see the links fopr the download files and get started? Thanks

  8. Can i have animations in a part of my area model? For example, in one of my cuts of the model (777npi_01c) an i allowed to put flying ships in there? If i exported geom and animations to ascii file, could i open mdlops and convert to binary, and then call in that same model piece in the are room strut and the lyt file? Would the animations show up?


    If so, when you open mdlops, what exact steps do I take to convert my ascii file that max generated with animations in it into binary mdx?



  9. So do you include this as an area like you would a cut of your area? in the lyt file and roomstrut? Or is it included in your area as a placable in the git file?


    Can you please walk me through all the steps?

  10. I have no idea what you just said about default animations :(

  11. OK, I have a 3d studio max file with ships animated flying in a straight line.


    I added an aurorabase like all the other cuts I made for peices of the area.


    How do I export this out of 3d studio? Do I select the aurorabase and instead of clicking geom only click geom and animation?


    Please tell me all of the steps, such as once it is out of 3dstudio, do I run it through karura, add it to the lyt file and the are file rooms list etc.


    thank you

  12. I did not :( I was just clicking "extract" instead of double clicking on the model and checking "animations".


    As I said before I started middle city, I used lightwave my whole life not 3d studio. Can you point me to a tutorial on how to make a simple path animation for these ships to fly from point a to point b? thanks

  13. I am running into something weird that I have not yet experienced. I have been able to extract model files using kotortools (the mdl and mdx files), use mdlops to convert to ascii, and import into 3dsm using nwn tools mdl load section.


    I extracted 2 ships using kotortools, 1 was plc_swpbike01, the other plc_swpbike1. I converted to ascii using mdlops, and when i try to import into 3dsm using nwn mdl load, I get an error and it will not load either file.


    Any idea why?

  14. So I import a ship model into 3dsm, and animate so it simply flys\ over a length that will be in my area, and just loop it?

  15. Can you give me insight on my question in the lords board?

  16. I replied on the lords board. Need assistance

  17. Hi,

    I am working on a mod in HL for taris middle city. I have made a WIP thread, however I have gotten to the point where I am going to try recruiting people to do scripting/quests etc.


    My question is, what would be best, to create a new recruit thread in HL or use my existing thread to try and recruit people?


    I did not know the rules regarding this and wanted to ask. I messaged Redhawke but recieved no response.



  18. Thanks for the message.


    I got the doors showing up where i need them. However, I used one utd file, and made 8 instances of it in my GIT file. When you mouseover he doors in game however, they all say "elevator" and when you click on them, the doors open and the mouseover before you leave my area always says "hideout". How can i change what the mouse over says on each door?


    And finally, merchants/kiosks. How do I get them to spawn? Can you easily explain it to me so I can figure it out? I tried modifying a utm file and referencing it in the GIT file under placeables, however nothing worked. I have an area that will be a flea market of sorts, and will have all kinds of merchants and kiosks in a u shape.



  19. Can you help me at least figure out what went wrong with my orientations? I think I am going to scrap what I have and start over, building things more carefully. But unless I can figure out what went wrong, its useless to even start anything again.


    See last 2 screens I posted under Lords group. The platform shows up with the correct orientation, however the pillars do not, despite having the same properties.

  20. I am not doing good at all. Im about to put a post under our group forum, see if you can help me out please. Tis is killin me

  21. Aha nevermind I figured it out o.O


    Thanks for the invite to the group. I am looking forward to this.

  22. SithSpecter,


    I dont know what is going on with this site. You sent me a reply yesterday that I had not even gotten to read, you sent links etc. Today I log in and it says I have 0 messages in inbox and 0 in sent? Whats that about? Can you please send me whatever you sent me yesterday?


    I downloaded 3dsm and am going to see what I can do

  23. Hi there.

    I posted in the request forum my ideas for modeling and building taris' middle city. I was wondering if you could give me some tips for starting from scratch. I downloaded 3dsm, but have never used it. Ihave extensive knowledge in lightwave, but since the concensus is 3dsm, ill go with that.


    Do you begin by simply modeling out the entire area, textureize it etc? Is there certain proportions you must keep for when you import into KOTOR? Any beginning info would be appriciated, I am going to try and make a level no one has seen before. Taris middle city was said to be the most used, crowded and populous area of the planet. I want to make it very large and fun to explore, as well as pleasingon the eye.



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