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  1. Sorry guys, but it appears that the Ravager is TWICE as long as the Ravager. http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Centurion-class_battlecruiser Besides that, the Ravager is highly corrupted by the Dark Side, and is being held together by the force. Malak ain't got nothing on that!
  2. HEY GUYS!!! Look at this! i found something REALLY COOL!!! http://web.archive.org/web/*sr_1nr_30/http://ds1.pcgamemods.com/* Click on the .zip's to download stuff. There isn't much, but it's still pretty cool.
  3. Best Graphics, Technical Grand Theft Auto 4 Best Graphics, Artistic Fable II Best Audio Design Far Cry 2 Best Soundtrack, Original Fable II Best Soundtrack, Licensed GTA4 Best Voice Acting GTA4 Best Innovation Fallout 3- VATS Best Multiplayer Call of Duty: World At War Best Single Player Fallout 3 Best Storyline GTA4 Best Sense of Humor Fable II Most Addictive Fable II Most Improved Sequel/Expansion GTA4 Most Innovative Game Far Cry 2 Best Action/Adventure GTA4 Best RPG Fallout 3 Best Platformer I don't know Best Strategy Game Supreme Commander: Forged Alliance Best Fighting GameSomething with Dragon Ball Z... I don't play Fighters Best Racing Game Need For Speed: Undercover Best Sports Game I don't play Sports Best Music/Rhythm Game Or that stuff... Best Xbox 360 Game CoD: WaW Best PS3 Game I don't play PS3 Best Wii Game Or Wii... Best PC Game Fallout 3 Game of the Year Fallout 3 You also forgot one VERY important category - Best First Person Shooter I choose CoD: WaW
  4. What if they're both in a field 40 feet from each other? Just a simple fight. HK-47 gets his little sniper-repeater rifle, and Grievous his 4 lightsabers. Naturally, Grievous has all 4 retracted, and would keep spinning them in front of him while he runs twords HK. He then slips on a puddle, and falls down. HK throws a nice Thermal Detonator at him. Grievous gets blown up, guts and parts going everywhere. His head is flinged at HK, and hits him, then explodes, killing HK. Then, R2 saves the cheerleader at the end.
  5. "An Aqualish merchant? Shouldn't you be roughing up some Bith for credits?" So true. But it seems like Twi'leks and Rodians try to kill you more often than Aqualish. Hmmmm?
  6. Hey! The visitor messaging system here isn't exactly LAYG. (I should know. :lol: I was a total idiot when I came here. Not to imply that you are... or anything:ohdear:... uh, nevermind ;)) Anyhow, to post a visitor message to someone, click on 'View Conversation' at the bottom right-hand corner of the message of the recipient, then post the message. If you want to start a conversation, post on that person's profile. Hope that helps! :)

  7. LOL, who doesn't like Twi'Leks? I just ran out of good species. I had the Zeltrons on there, but seeing that there is only one Zeltron in the whole game (Luxa), it wasn't worth it. Maybe I could replace them with Gand, Chadera-Fan (bat-mouse dudes), or Humans. Those dang humans always doing stuff!
  8. Welcome to the forums! Hope you enjoy our little community!


  9. Which is your LEAST favorite species in this game? I'm only putting in the ones that are seen often. Mine are Quarrens. Ugh! Slimy, greedy squid heads.
  10. Right. Therefore, if it was blaster-proof, then HK-47 can't technically hurt him? Mines and traps you say? I'm positive Grievous can sneak around them! You know? Sneak up on HK through the bushes, then chop him in hundreds of tiny pieces with his lightsabers.
  11. What's wrong with you people? Compared to Grievous, HK-47 is about FOUR THOUSAND YEARS OUTDATED!!!! Just because HK has blasters doesn't mean he wins. Grievous may not be able to reflect shots well, but he has 4 lightsabers. And he's a real warrior. HK is just a droid, and so has limited strategies and plans to use against Grievous, while Grievous is a sentient humanoid with a brain, as well as decades of training and fighting as a war hero. And lightsaber proof armor.
  12. Atris=Hypocrite. Fail. Vandar=Yoda's species. Win!
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