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    Well I'm 18 and currently graduating high school. I play in a band (Punk), I'm the lead singer for it. My Absolute Passion is music. I love to skateboard and hang out with friends... and because of the way I look and act people call me Avril.
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    Cali, Canada's home though....
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    Singing/Playing/Listening to music, skateboarding, hanging with friends, watchin anime, being my own person and doing my thing.
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    Lead Singer for the band "Punk"
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    Kingdom Hearts II
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    The Old Republic
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  1. I've been good. ^_^ I've just had a lot goin' on lately and I haven't been able to get on unfortunately. How have you been?

  2. Hey, girl. How ya been?

  3. where for art thou. :(:p

  4. @Wedge: Sure, when we get some stuff recorded I'd be happy to send you a sample. ;)


    @Chev: Lol. We're mainly punk but we also branch of into like indie a bit and gothic rock too and sometimes even pop punk. We have lots of varying styles of songs and some that are a mixture of all of those genres... oddly enough. :p

  5. >_>



    CQ spys on my posts...it makes me nervous.


    Anyways...I kept on forgetting to ask what genre of music your band plays...but now I finally remembered to ask you!

  6. Will you send me a track?

  7. About 8 months now. We've been trying to get this record and get everything setup since we formed.

  8. Ahhhh, that sounds fun indeed:D So, how long have you been with your band?:)

  9. Thanks. ^.^ Ya, actually I'm gonna take care of getting everything squared away with the recording deal for my band... and we're gonna start making our album and doing promotions and stuff. :D

  10. So, LR, how are you doing?


    I couldn't help but notice below the post, but you are graduating in 2 weeks? Congratulations!!! I hope everything works out these next 2 weeks! Do you have any after-grad plans? What's new!!??:D

  11. Sorry Chev. I've been very busy lately. I'm graduating high school in two weeks and I'm in the process of getting a recording deal for my band... I've got alot goin' on. Sorry I haven't been around

  12. LR...where are you?!

  13. LMFAO!!! Saw was toooooootally not scary. I am one of those people who just can't watch horror movies cause I'll go to sleep and wake up having a panic attack over it but saw was just more interesting then anything. Saw was a suspense/thriller... NOT horror. :p

  14. *Pokes.*


    What's new?


    Got a question for ya...I'll PM it to you.


    EDIT: Never mind, looks like it was taken care of.

  15. For those untrained in the horror Saw can be rather frightening. When I saw Saw (hehehe) 4 with my friends, they nearly pissed themselves, and I was like "ok, what will Jig Saw do to them next?"

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