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  1. That is a good idea. Two seperate class specializing their own expertise. One medic and engineer in the battlefield ought to be implemented. The question then arise is which weapon will each of them have? Both having the same shotguns or each having different kinds of shotguns?
  2. Sorry for taking long to response your generous post. Some people have to work for a living You failed to forget that the settings can be altered where the player with the lowest score can be awarded the heroes. To me, I find that fair to players who are not as good as other players, and it give them the chance to actually have some kills. Nothing wrong with noobs getting the advantages once in awhile. lol In the movie, comic books, and the cartoons story lines are all pretty much the same when regarding the saber being the best weapon in combat. You know, they are laser control swords and all. And that to me strike as true to the storyline of the Star Wars Universe. The only grievence i have is the saber-throw. How many times in any stories of Star Wars that had Jedis or Sith lords throwing sabers like a boomerang? Quite rediculous to me I think. So i think it is realistic in the spirit of Star Wars that heroes can have the ability to kill enemy combatants with one or two hit kills with the swords. Unfortunately for you, I have given it away to a dear buddy of mine. Which today I found out he sold it for an eighth of an ounce of weed. Rofl. I might go to Best Buy and get another one. It is only 20 bucks I think. ----------
  3. The vehicle that General Grievous drove in the episode III would be a nice addition to the game. Lordofthefish, nice pic of Toshiro Mifune. Great actor. Was that from "Sanjuro"?
  4. I know that this is only directed to the wooden swordsman, but I must interject by saying that if they do allow the hero and villians having increased health bar attributes, then all you will have is players doing the very thing as the same as the other players having the other generic classes. That is: hiding behind the lines, camping, or just plain farting around and doing nothing to contribute for the team chances of winning the battle. Unless maybe there can be some kind of a time limit of how long a player can use the heroes. I say it is a stupid idea anyway. So keep the existing vampire health, but have both appear at the same time for both factions during the middle of the game period. I don't let that bother me at all. It is all but a game dude. The only thing it does is make me want to confront the player in the next game session. And yeah, I do make good on my revenge.
  5. Don't be rediculous. It seems to me that you are giving me the impression of someone who does poorly on combating players who obtain the Jedi (or Sith) character during gameplay. I say you have issues not of this inability to find a way to kill a challenging foe, but someone who has extreme wounded pride of not being the best all the time. I am sure they (whoever is going to be the director of this project) will not change much from Battlefront 2, and will more likely allow people to make servers having no heroes (or villians) in the game setup. So both side of the coin can play on what they prefer to their likings.
  6. It is not impossible to kill an experienced player playing as a Jedi (or Sith) lord. I say it is a challenge at least when all you do is resort to diving incoming attacks. It is all about how you utilize and monitor your stamina bar. And if you fail, I am sure that you can try again when you respawn and the possibilities of winning the next match can be more favorable to you. My favorite btw is the Rifleman.
  7. To me, I find that getting inside a turret as something of a dangerous endeavor to take during heavy fighting in multiplayer matches. My idea is that there should be some turrets (in land maps), not all, that are remote controlled from a safe distance in some underground bunker or a small fortress-like pill box. I find that something that at least ought to be considered. Any other ideas>?
  8. What make you think that the CIS faction will be in the new game? Anyway, I find it nothing of an issue of having Jet Troopers creating a problem with the "Balance" of the game. All you have to do is create something where that players have to get a lot of points to get a rare class such as the Jet Trooper in order to play it; moreover, there should be limited available Jet Troopers on the battlefield, or there would be no balance.
  9. Am I the only one in here is bothered by the fact that Jet Troopers are limited on how long they are in flight? I find that silly. There ought to be something where they can stay in the air for the unlimited time till maybe someone shoot the jet pack which can cause some kind of damage to it, and make the person who wears it unable to use it.
  10. Renegade Squadron is for Renegade Squadron. Battlefront is for Battlefront. See? Two different games that ought to be seperate. If you don't like what Battlefront has to offer, then go and play your precious Renegade Squadron for all I care!
  11. Each factions should have at least the generic classes such as: Sniper, Regular Trooper, Heavy Trooper, and Engineer. I don't know about the Pilot, but at least give them something unique that will give them the advantages while driving a space craft. I am out of ideas of what it shall be. The rest should be something of course unique for each of the factions. I hope the number can be something like 4.
  12. Whatever the map it may be, there should be neutral factions fighting the two factions that are pitted against each other. Not all map I say, but there should be some in some maps.
  13. **** Rebellion. That game on psp was patently horrible! Even if they can place a new game on a better engine, it will still suck. Their vision is not exactly the right one on how to keep the core elements of the game as pure as the other two previous titles.
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