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  1. Hey want to join my new RP Star Wars: The Sith Resurrection Part VIII: Wrath of the Empire?

  2. Hey, that's great, Kyvios! :D And College is definitely going great for me.

  3. so how are you enjoying College? Bet it was a mind blowing experience. At least thats how I felt when I went to it. lol. January 23 will be my last day I can be in the RP just letting you know. I ship out to Basic on the 25th.

  4. hey did you get to play it?

  5. It's okay. And I'm sorry. I'll have him do something if you want. ;)

  6. wow... never mind. apperently some posts were showing when I was looking. But they are there now. I'll get right on it.

  7. Until something happens where Isaac needs to say or do something. There isn't really anything I have to post.

  8. Waiting for your post in Fighting for Peace, Kyvios... :)

  9. Yeah I got it. Just making room on my computer.

  10. hey did you get the link ok?

  11. hey, I hope to have the Demo ready to be tested tomorrow, i am having an issue with one script for the last module..everything else is golden,....ugh darn script

  12. Hmmm... that might set the tension high... sounds good! ^^


    I mean, if you want to do it, that is.

  13. yeah, i'm on now.

  14. Cool!

    You still go on msn messager?

  15. Yeah, to both.

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