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  1. The Ascendicate's debut album was fantastic.

  2. Wow...Its been a long time since I was on here. Lately, I have been involved in a chat-based Sci-Fi RPG. We've gone so far as to make a wikia for it and have pictures for most items. Courtesy of http://pimpmygun.doctornoob.com/app.php , I give you my sci-fi inspired weapons, made using PimpMyGun 0.7 The NP-D1s, Tier 1 machine pistol Show spoiler (hidden content - requires Javascript to show) The NP-D1a, Tier 1 Assault Rifle Show spoiler (hidden content - requires Javascript to show) The NP-D3a, Assault Rifle used by T'ad T'ad Commandos Show spoiler (hidden content - requires Javascript to show) The NP-D2x, Tier 2 Sniper Rifle Show spoiler (hidden content - requires Javascript to show) The NP-D3x, Sniper Rifle used by T'ad T'ad Commandos Show spoiler (hidden content - requires Javascript to show) The NP-D1m, Tier 1 Pump-Action Shotgun Show spoiler (hidden content - requires Javascript to show) The NP-D3m, Pump-Action Shotgun used by T'ad T'ad Commandos Show spoiler (hidden content - requires Javascript to show) The NP-D1d, Tier 1 Assault Carbine Show spoiler (hidden content - requires Javascript to show) The NP-D2d, Tier 2 Assault Carbine, that is dual-weilded by Commandos Show spoiler (hidden content - requires Javascript to show) Finally, the TDA-3 Personal Repeater (Minigun) Show spoiler (hidden content - requires Javascript to show) Any comments would be nice! As well as other art!
  3. Nice! I really like the Mando skins, not only changing the color, but adding new designs and making the helmet not even look like a Crusader one (like the 1st one and the last one). Now....will someone ever wanna make a TC/SC for K1?
  4. It would be really cool if someone could get the hidden blades into KotOR. (for those who don't know about it, : http://cache.gawker.com/assets/images/kotaku/2009/06/wristblade_2.jpg ) Its pretty beast, and if you could get a poison technique into it... That would be pretty hard.' And yes, he had to lose that finger to wear it (only happens in AC1)
  5. There is a KotOR Era mod, it comes with -THE- best mod ever: Conversion Pack (newest is v2.2) I never posted my favorite map, its probably the Death Star or Tantive (or Endar Spire or Rhen Var: Citadel from Convo Pack). I wish there were more SWBF2 fans here... And for further notice, SWBF2 = Star Wars Battlefront 2, but "BF2" = BattleField 2. Theres a difference. Now, Darasuum, thats not very good....Unless you love mines like me
  6. Gah! I hate Fahrenheit 451!!! We're reading it in English class....And I hate it. For my own books, I'm reading the Battle of the Books books (its a competition about...books) and the Eulalia! by Brian Jaques, the latest book in the Redwall series.
  7. Who plays SWBF2? What are your stats? What modes/Eras do you like/dislike? Do you use mods? If so, which ones? Which unit is your favorite? Do you use Multiplayer? If so, what is your name? Account: I1, (FCG)Hd.Apsl[sO]None223(RPM)Legend, and of course the infamous "noname hack" which gives me the name " "! Favorite Modes/Eras: Conquest modes, usually on mod maps, but my favorite era is Clone Wars. Least Favorite Modes/Eras: Any CTF is horrible, and I'm not a fan of Hero Assault. Favorite (non-mod) unit: Assault Class or Commander Class, occasionally the Dark Trooper or Wookie Commando Classes. Mods: I use BattleFront Extreme (BFX), Conversion Package 2.2, Dark Times, KotOR Era Galactic Conquest, and the might Maveritchell's Rebel Mission Maps. I sometimes use Ultimate Battlefront (CW) or the Mandalorian Civil War mod. Stats: Endurance (3763) Guardian (1775) War Hero (1025) Gunslinger (581) Frenzy (427) Demolition (24) Regulator (114) Marksman (74) Technician (20) What about you?
  8. You should see the brand new skins. We did two in one day so far and Dak is working on a third.

  9. If you remember, you asked me, and frankly, I think this mod isn't going to go well. Be my guest to surprise me.


    And when my KotOR tool actually works, you have to have the game installed to access that section. I can't even install it.

  10. Ok, Runescape was good about 3 years ago. It was one of the good MMOs, and the best free one. I started an account back then. And I loved it. Now it sucks. Lets count all of the bad things that have happened: 1) They took "Wildy"! Wildy was the best! I mean, you could trick people into fist fighting you, and then killing them and taking everything they had. 2) They took away uneven trading. I used that to steal from my sis's accounts, and now I can only take 10k every 15 minutes. Stupid. 3) They never gave Non-Members anything good. We were, and will aways be stuck with the same stuff released at the beginning of the game. Now, FYI, AdventureQuest is a RPG, not a MMORPG. There IS a new game by them called AdventureQuest Worlds which is pretty interesting, mainly because it is new, not old. Most every MMO gets boring eventually. You run out of things to do, and you realize you have better things to do (like complain about them on forums). And you actually PAID for RuneScape? Fail......
  11. but you are apart of the mod?

  12. What about more blaster villians? Right now, the blaster are good-4, evil-3. You should add either Durge, Cad Bane, or Thrawn to that list. And Kyle Katarn would be nice, but hes not in the movies. For villian Sith, you could add Starkiller, Maris Brood, and/or Emporer's Shadow Guard. You should add Shaak Tii to the heroes list, in addition to Luminari Ulunduli, and for the fans: Jarjar Binks and Admiral Ackbar (spawning with his phrase: ITS A TRAP!)
  13. Ok, I've been here for....umm....a while, but haven't done much until the past year. I started off in modding kotor, but am moving over here to the community forums with things like the CEC. So now, I'm over here in Ahto, so I might as well post here. Name: Isaac (not Issac) Pyatt Age: Between 12 and 15 Country: I'm good ole 'Merican Favorite Games: KotOR series and Battlefront series, I'd like JK if I had it Occupation: Student? Hobbies (in the non-computer world)- Percussion, piano, drums, listening to-and umm, playing-music....and music I guess Hobbies (online)- SW Gaming, random internet games (like bloons), LF, and RPing (ya know, with fancy chatrooms, but only player-created graphics). Favorite Music: Anything with good drum licks, and: Korpiklaani (Finnish folk metal), Demon Hunter, Disciple, Kutless (Christian Metal), Thousand Foot Krutch, Whitecross, Skillet (Christian Hard Rock), AC/DC, Areosmith, Rush, Black Sabbath (Classic Hard Rock), and Relient K, Hawk Nelson, Stellar Kart (Christian Pop-Punk). Waiting for: The Old Republic, Star Wars Battlefront 3, Assassin's Creed 2 for PC, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 (when my parents let me play M, stupid parents who follow the stinkin rules).
  14. My friends and I have agreed that she was ashamed of Jango Fett's choice to become a Bounty Hunter instead of being -a stupid pacifist- like the "New Mandalorians". Jango Fett WAS a Fett (a clan of Mandalorians) who was on Concord Dawn when the Death Watch raided his home, and he went and became adopted by the leader of the True Mandalorians (I forgot his name). After the Mandalorian Civil War, he became the bounty hunter he was until ep2.
  15. Then theres individual books like "Truce at Bakura" that are good. If you are interested in in-depth long novels, pretty much anything by Timothy Zahn, or the Bane series would be good. If you want short stuff thats still good, theres the Boba Fett-Teenage years books, theres the Apprentice ones about Obi-Aan under Qui-Gon, and theres always The Old Republic comics.....
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