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    Wrestling, Twintip Freestyle, Star Wars, Parkour, Music
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  1. Sing along everybody: ''Happy birtday to Spect You're a Gizka with bad breath So take the night of from modding 'Cause it's to you that we all are singing!'' Happy birthday SS
  2. Happy Birtday GTA Have a nice one !!
  3. That's Yo Mama !! Haha just saw the Robot Chicken Star Wars episode... GENIUS !!
  4. Chuck, Simpsons, Family Guy, Futurama, Robot Chicken, Seinfeld ... Yeah I love comedy
  5. Thanks Man It's so F'ing AWRSOME !!

  6. Wow that's nice , thank you so much!! But when I look at the angle I think it's a little too much, Sorry my bad ! Would it be possible to have it in 30% angle ? And I would like both sizes thank you !
  7. Hi ! Could i get this Ace of Spades / Spadille with transparent background but it turned in a 40% angle to the right ? http://img23.imageshack.us/i/aceofspadesiga.jpg/
  8. Ok so I've tried this game and I find it quite fun ... It really is Team Fortress 2 in Third-person except there's less maps One bad thing is that many things cost money and I didn't get the 200 free BF code Anyone else tried it ? Please give me your opinion and username Thank You ! - Will O'
  9. Well then, welcome to the guild!:D

    And we Mando'ade prefer for you to use more explicit words in Mando'a.

    So you can replace @ss with sheb.

  10. Why shouldn't I ?

    The Mandalors lays the smacketh down on the rest of the galaxy's candy sheb !

    ( Thank God for Dwayne '' The Rock '' Johnson )


    And yes Will or Will O' or whatever is fine with me :xp:

  11. Greetings, Will (may I call you Will?). Why the sudden interest in the "Guild of Mand'alors"?

  12. Would be a bad day to spill out the coffee thats for sure...
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