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  1. How does one decifer the filenames for textures and icon images in relation to their respective blueprints for TSL? What I mean is I want to make custom items using the blueprints and then find which textures they are linked to. I am confused because it is a long list of class4_002, class4_003, class5 etc. also PMBD09, PMBD10, PMBE01 etc. how do I interpret these? how do I find link them to a blueprint?
  2. i might add importantly that it worked breifly. my game has so many problems since vista that any recomendation Ive been given is to try and trick vista into thinking it can play the game, even though it can anyway. Having said that, this advice about open GL eliminated 1 of about 5 error messages I have received from time to time. Also when I did this my game was freshly installed and after updating it, it referred back to a no disk inserted error message which I received a lot. Then I had to uninstall and reinstall and now works again unupdated. Lame huh. I dont get it anymore. But it works aside from the 3/4 loading then crash. Sorry to have not brought this up sooner. I will say that Christos' advice was awesome for solving one of many vista problems with this game, but vista is so tempromental that I think the wrong combination of updates and settings will cause failure inevitably.
  3. Does any one have any advice of how to beat the mandalorian battle circle and the last of the handmaiden sparring matches as a consular with low strength? I have about 12 Strength but ive been boosting dex bonuses to avoid being hit. Sucks I cant use my powers but I need to fight through them to get the xp and handmaiden jedi. Mandalore Tagren is unarmed only and handmaiden is any melee weapon and shields. Any advice on stats or items.
  4. whats the best way to get components? I know high repair skill, but what if im not satisfied breaking my stuff and im not producing enough from the worthless space junk? is there someone selling infinite of a rich source like the dendis brothers' infinite stims for chemicals? credits I have mountains of. but how can I (through various processes) buy components?
  5. yes. very impressive. that is exactly what I would expect it to look like. I dont know the first thing about rigging but I hope one day it could be a usable skin. I was thinking of the twilek and and painting and adding tenticles but i thought the face would be way off. Again I dont know the first thing about making these but if mixing and matching models were possible...i was thinking the big eyes of a duros or even bigger a sullistan.
  6. do I type in EnableCheats=1 on my own? beacuse the option is not there to do so.
  7. how do i enable cheats/use the console. Ive pressed '~' but it doesnt do anything. when I type my commands the game wildly switches between all my inventory and character screens when i press the letter that corresponds to that hot key.
  8. i was in the same boat as badphish. 100% working on xp but then installed vista and no luck. I have Nvidia 7800 GTX and I was getting exactly the same message about my drivers not being in date. I updated them through all the links it presented to me and it still gave me the same message. I uninstalled and tried again with the vista fix as per the above instructions and now works fine. Just got lucky I guess. But i wish I knew what the cause was. THat error message was driving me crazy. Also, if it wasnt that error message, I would receive this one that said 'remove disk from current cd/dvd drive and reinsert original disk in another drive?:.' even though the disk was in.
  9. More of an enquiry than a request but does anyone know if there has been a head skin mod made of Kit Fisto or any of the Nautolan species? If there is I would love to know the link to it.
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