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  1. Per your request, I just uploaded the K1 version to deadlystream. After I get some more (re)testing done, I'll try to get some more stuff uploaded, including the TSL version of this mod.
  2. Still interested in such a mod? As Kexikus said, the immediate change should be pretty easy, and I would be happy to do it if you want. That should effectively change their growth as they level up. However, that itself wouldn't change their base (starting) stats, and I doubt it would change what Jedi class Atton becomes. He former could probably be done with further .utc edits, and the latter probably with an edited script.
  3. The path to the field with STRREF 135? I can't give you one that will help much, as some paths seem essentially identical in that format (see the image below; all the struct ids are 0); but its field index is 78, which you should be able to find it with. Show spoiler (hidden content - requires Javascript to show)
  4. Well, I haven't gotten very far with classsel.gui in K-GFF (which I assume is the pertinent file). Plugging in the .tlk file didn't seem to help much for some reason, and most of the fields labeled as str refs had numbers too big to actually be a dialog.tlk reference (they were all 4294967295, the maximum value of a 32-bit unsigned integer, which I don't feel is just coincidence). There were a few smaller numbers, some of which made sense and one of which was, in fact, 135, which happens to be the reference to .tlk entry "Scoundrel". I tried messing with it and saw no difference.
  5. Ah, thanks FS! Would I put the .gui file in the override, or elsewhere?
  6. After a little hiccup (using TSL's .2da files... oops), I now seem to have it working. The only issue is that the original class selection screen still says "Scoundrel", but I believe that's hardcoded. As soon as you select it, though, it properly displays "Smuggler", and the feat descriptions have been changed as well. You should be able to download it here. Lemme know if you have any problems.
  7. There are definitely dialog-like lines in the .tlk file with the word, though I didn't actually check if they ended up being used in the game.
  8. I think I now see why that was the case. The simplest solution to the name change would be to just edit the text of the related dialog.tlk entries (with TalkEd). However, TSLPatcher apparently doesn't allow you to edit preexisting entries, only to install new ones. In that case, you'd have to edit all the other files that reference those entries and make them instead point to your new entries. Which is all well and good (or at least generally doable), but could be a real pain depending on the circumstances. I'd be willing to go ahead and try to do that with the related .2da files (which I believe would be spells, feats, and classes) tonight and tomorrow, but I may not get to individual dialog (.dlg) files.
  9. I could probably take a shot at that if you'd like. Sounds pretty simple. Though, for that matter, is there any particular reason why you don't want to attempt it? Just wondering.
  10. Into .2da files? I assume you can just load them with Kotor Tool's 2DA editor and just save them as actual 2da files (which is a separate option than to save as an XML) [quote=DeathScepter;2853766 5. Name Changes For example Jedi Sentinel to Jedi Shadow, Can it be possible to do that? I can't check directly right now, but the names may just be dialog.tlk entries (and if not, probably hardcoded). If so, you could just make a new entry with your desired name and change the reference in the classes.2da to that new entry's number.
  11. To be honest, I wouldn't even really know where to start with the VFX, but I can certainly take a peek (with FS's comment in mind) and see if any solution presents itself =) I'll try to start on it shortly after TSL finishes installing on my laptop, and I doubt it should take too long. EDIT: Alright, I seem to have the Disturbance/Turbulence/Quake powers working well; unlike those, I probably won't have to actually change the code for the other powers, mostly just 2DA editing, so they should be easier
  12. Creating the new force powers that are virtually identical to old ones I could probably do pretty easily, but I can't say I know how to do the visual effects; not sure how important that is to you.
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