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  1. could it be possible to just model over a player model all ready? i suppose there might be clipping issues and all but...idk
  2. alright i have this color i want but i cant make it into a tga file can someone make this: into tga format then pm me for my email so u can email it to me?
  3. i dint actaully need revan just i wanted to expirement with anyone but malak...i just want to know if its possible or how to do it...?
  4. Is it possible to place revan or any character i feel like on the main menu where malak stands with his arms crossed? i would very much like to put different characters there with there arms crossed.
  5. this sounds interesting.....finaly a mod that replaces some1 other than juhani?
  6. yeh im sure its possible but some1 would have to model a cape and belt but it most likely wouldnt be animated like the new flowing robes mod...id still like to see this though.
  7. hey man



  8. yeah and nihilus seemed much closer to vader then malak does (apperance wise) it would have to take a good modeler. Or at least someone willing to try but i think it can be done.
  9. hey man i understand you wanted to know the name of the player stance as well as me, nobody seems to know so i have been looking myself, lemme know if you find out.

  10. alright thanks man.



  11. I am not sure if I am allowed to. Since I found out that the site I found them on was for ChainZ.2DA for his private file sharing. I do know however that other people have them already though. I don't have them anymore after my hard drive was wiped out and I had to get a new one. Sorry. You could however skim through the "Mod Requests from PCGM and other sites" for someone who says they have them then pm them asking for them. Or if you don't want to do that, just post in the above mentioned thread asking for them.


    Hope I Helped,


  12. can you email me the sciamano's and avol's mods?

  13. DO you have that mod ive been looking for something liek that??
  14. yeh i was gonna say something like this i mean everyone makes recruit mods that replace juhani! shes not very good but she is still a jedi! and t3 seems to be a pretty worthless peice of crap....i dont see why u just replace t3 in all these mods i mean i'd do it myself and i have tried...but im not too computer savvy so i got lost on most of it...
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