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  1. I recently got a new computer and I want to install this game on it. I know that it is illegal to have it on two computers at once. If I were to uninstall it from my old computer, would it be legal for me to install it on my new one?
  2. Jai'galaar isn't the only one who can make avvies...

  3. How do I get it to work on windows 7
  4. Today I upgraded to windows 7 and installed kotor 2, it loads up better than with vista but crashes on the srart menu, I've tried all compatibility modes: I haven't installled any mods or patches. My system specs are: 8 gigs of ram 2.5 GHZ Nvidia Geforce GT220
  5. Hey bro, if you ever need an avvy, let me know:thmbup1:

  6. The computer has 6 gigs of ram, a Intel Quad Poccessor with 2.3 GHZ and a 750 Gigabyte Hard Drive.
  7. Happy Birthday Kotor I remember when I found out about Kotor 3 years ago I almost gave up when I couldn't find Mission in the Under City ( I found her but died and couldn't find her again) but I finally found her then went on to beat the game by accident. I've played the game 46 times altogether ( I went through a 6 month time where every game I had I'd already finished and I could play Kotor over and over again, but unfortunatly it broke so I rebought it for the computer and ended up having playthrough 46 a month ago.
  8. I've noticed stuff like that too.
  9. I've also read some books against it, I've just learned about it in science class and read pro evolution sources and it didn't seem to measure up to the scientific method, I've read from several other sites that confirm what those sites say and give other peices of evidence, I've heard of scientists who said the evidence was lacking and read a quote by Darwin saying that the evidence was lacking.
  10. He's not much younger then me and I can say after research I'm a Christian by choice not because I've been raised to be one.
  11. Alright, later.:D

  12. Well I'll have to go soon I have my AP Comm. Arts Homework to work on.

  13. I'm running out of ideas:p

  14. Did you ever watch the christian singing show: "Inspiration Sensation"?

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