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  1. we aren't using tunngle now since the gamemaster patch was released the internet multiplayer works again: http://tiny.cc/swbfmpfix
  2. VLAN Solutions For SWBF1 Tutorial By Rage This tutorial is very important because of the possibility that either LucasArts or GameSpy will eventually stop hosting SWBF1 internet servers. With the help of Fordo and IIC, I have tested a method that will ensure SWBF1 will stay alive in case this ever does happen. Direct Connect is one option, yes, but it does not allow you to host dedicated servers. This method involves Virtual LAN. If and when SWBF1 internet servers are taken down, following these steps will ensure you can still play in dedicated servers with your configurable INI settings. You can see that the ps2 servers are already down. PC is not yet: http://forums.lucasarts.com/ann.jspa?annID=3 Step 1) Download and install Tunngle http://www.tunngle.net/community/files/file/31-tunngle-setup-v4320exe/ You will also have to install the network adapter(s) and restart your PC. Step 2) Register a new account and sign in Step 3) Click Action and look for "Star Wars Battlefront" and join that room Step 4) If you see any players in the room, they will be able to see your LAN games and vice versa. When you have enough players in the Tunngle room for a server then start SWBF and click LAN. Step 5) Hosting the LAN server using dedicated tools is simple you just have to check the "LAN" box before clicking host. Now anyone in the Tunngle room can see your servers and connect to them as if it were internet. This working method means that SWBF can be saved and will not have to die if LucasArts ever decides to stop hosting internet servers. Thanks to Rage, Fordo, and Iiscr3mo for testing.
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