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  1. I thought that was mod request form and 2nd I did make the dialog work so the mod "does" exist


    3rd you are the only one who has replied and I don't know why

  2. My new post is not spam I changed it YOU CAN DELETE THE OTHER POST IF YOU WANT

  3. Ilego

    okay thanks Shem if you could do one last thing for me it Would Be this promote my idea or the romancing Mira

  4. Shem

    Well, I wish you luck with the creation of that mod. Hopefully someone will want to it or you'll figure it out.

  5. I've already looked at your post. I'm not going to make the mod for you, I already have enough projects of my own I'm working on, and little knowledge of of dialog editing. Your going to have to be patient, and I can't guarantee anyone will make the mod for you. You may have to do it yourself. Also there are no mods that mean you can romance Visas and Handmaiden, you could already do that. -- j7

  6. can you look at my post

  7. Ilego

    Sith holocron said: 1) Well, you've made the request here on DeadlyStream.com but that doesn't mean there aren't other places to ask folks to do this. I know you've been to LucasForums. They have more modders and they might be willing to help you out with what you want. When making your post, clearly indicate that you know that Mira doesn't have a romance but you'd like someone to put the lines you have in the screenshots put into the game. Be specific about what you want, use the screenshots to help you explain it, and make sure you have proper spelling in your requests. Put your thread in this section. (It is important that you let them know you know there isn't a romance because you don't want them to dismiss you right away.) using those pics

  8. Ilego

    Hi Shem

    First of I may sound blunt and mean but that is so you can play catch up with sith holocron and me.

    I am attempting to make a REALLY simple Text for the romance thing I requested. Don't take this the wrong way but I don't think it will be made because every time it is attempted a moderator/admin goes "oh it doesn't exist, and we don't want to create text files for her." when I want to know why if one was created for Visas and the Handmaiden, why not Mira? I know it maybe hard to create dialog BUT when I looked at the handmaiden.dlg using the dlg editor It wasn't very long considering how well played out it was, Mine was let's hook up Mira says okay and Shem did do this at one point or somebody he knew but I can't get a hold of him, I have only waited about a day though for a reply,

  9. Ilego would like a modification which allows the romance of Mira. If you would like to fulfill this request please respond below. -- j7 NO REPLYS YET
  10. Shem

    That was just custom dialogue made just for those pictures. Let's just say I use some photoshop along with a piece of dialogue in certain part of the game in order to create situations like that faster as I made a lot of custom dialogue all for entertainment reasons. Like there was a conversation I used with Atton (I think it was him) and I changed some of his dialogue trees in the dialogue editor and then took the screenshots and then I would like in the pictures you posted take those and then use photoshop to replace the dialogue.


    So it's not a mod used in the game.

  11. Ilego

    hi shem I would like to know if you remember the mod that these pics came from







    Please Reply I would I like the mod or patch I don't care if there is no audio.

  12. Ilego

    do you know his email address

  13. i am a member there but they have only the censored edition
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