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  1. Import the lightmaps into gimp or photoshop..u can decrease the brightness there... If u rename the new lightmaps, u will have to hex edit the room mdl file... U can also change some numbers in the .are file changing the overall area color/fog/ etc

  2. Hey how do you edit light maps to make an existing game module darker-ie. less light

  3. Thanks, Newbie! Good to hear from ya.

  4. I see on Deadly Stream it's your bday. Happy Birthday!!

  5. Thanks for the mod of the decade nomination! I don't do much modding these days and don't visit LF as frequently as I once did. I was pleasantly surprised this morning. Thanks again!


    I voted for myself :)

  6. Let me check to see if I still have that file around somewhere.

  7. Just checking in - how's everything going?

  8. All right, hope you get it sorted out.

  9. Having problems with my game install...my wife recently updated our computer with Windows 8 and it messed up kotor. Working on that.

  10. How's it going with the bootless clothing?

  11. Yeah, bare feet and shirt. Sorry, I didn't realize I'd copied the link incorrectly.


    It should be here. In the screenshot it's the bottom right, model variation LJ in the files I believe.

  12. you wanted to use the model with bare feet and shirt, right? the link you gave me doesn't work, but I found the files, I think. He also has a mod file of bare feet and no shirt.

  13. Hey, did you ever get that collar fix done for the Visas model?

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