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  1. Import the lightmaps into gimp or photoshop..u can decrease the brightness there... If u rename the new lightmaps, u will have to hex edit the room mdl file... U can also change some numbers in the .are file changing the overall area color/fog/ etc

  2. I see on Deadly Stream it's your bday. Happy Birthday!!

  3. Thanks for the mod of the decade nomination! I don't do much modding these days and don't visit LF as frequently as I once did. I was pleasantly surprised this morning. Thanks again!


    I voted for myself :)

  4. Let me check to see if I still have that file around somewhere.

  5. Damn. My personal favorite movie(which has repeatedly been omitted in some articles I've read) is one of his early movies, 1986 I think, The Best of Times with Kurt Russell---classic.
  6. Having problems with my game install...my wife recently updated our computer with Windows 8 and it messed up kotor. Working on that.

  7. you wanted to use the model with bare feet and shirt, right? the link you gave me doesn't work, but I found the files, I think. He also has a mod file of bare feet and no shirt.

  8. Very touching tribute Jae. God speed Astrotoy7.
  9. hey, thx for the badge!

  10. That's fine. Get to them when you can. No rush.

  11. Top-notch Z. Perfect. You should be getting paid for your work.

  12. Hey, I just listened to your sample. I saw it on the Jedi Knights thread about your old Revan recordings. I thought it was great. Would you be interested in doing some voices for my Onderon expansion mod?

  13. yeah, I'm still pluggin' away. Good to hear from you!

  14. Those are frickin AWESOME!!!!! YOU ARE THE BEST!!! I absolutely love it. Great sound and theatrics.

  15. I hate doing those custom mini maps!

  16. I've been going in cycles for the past year or two..do some work, take some time off, do some work, take some time off....About 3-6 months ago, I swore off modding. I thought I was done, just couldn't do it anymore. Slowed down my visits to LucasForums, Deadly Stream, etc. Tried to distance myself from it. Then out of the blue just started tinkering again--helped someone else with a modding problem, got a random question about one of my mods, and 'BAM'--I was at it full throttle again. Then I said to myself "You've done so much work already on these things it would be pretty F'ing stupid if you didn't finish them." So I've set a goal of getting these mods done and released...then.....we will see.
  17. I haven't forgotten about you. I'm working on some stuff. I have you pegged for one of two characters. Not sure which one yet.

  18. J7, going to use your mandalorian flag mod in a mod of mine. Looks like you've been away for awhile. Hope everything is ok?

  19. Good. I'm working on my Onderon mod..think I'm going to release it in 2 parts..just trying to get all the voices in and done for part I, then tsl patch it...part 2 still under construction.

  20. Yes! Thx, I guess I should have tried it in game before I panicked :)

  21. sent you an email with files

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