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  1. Has anyone seen this? They are introducing a new version of the Commodore 64 with new guts but the same old shell. Hilarious. I'm showing my age, but I had one of these. I had this game...Raid Over Moscow...pretty cool game for a young midwesterner caught up in the hype of the Cold War.


    What's next the VIC 20?

  2. (by the way in the party I have Atton, Visas and Mandalore),



    I have had this happen before and when it kept doing it, I simply started where i left off with a different party member considering to make the story come together you need certain party members with you at different points in the game, I have a page bookmarked that tells me who i have to have, Cause i love having all my members as Jedi. But to get the full effect of the game it is wise to change party members!!


    Doesn't Mandalore go back to Onderon with you? It's been awhile since I played it thru.

  3. I've removed a few heads from some models before to create new bodies. I was kinda looking at this model. The problem with this one is that if you remove the hood, a large portion of the collarbone area front and back is missing. You then have to move vertices and stretch the skin to cover that area. To me, it just doesn't seem to look right

  4. Modifying a dialog isn't too difficult..you can do it. You have KotorTool..good. Get yourself a dialog editor program..I use dlgeditor_232. Check under the tools tutorial..there should be links for different software.


    Within KotorTool...the dialogs are listed under ERFs..open that..then open the Modules tab under ERFs..you will get the entire list of the modules_dlg.erf files. Open the module where your desired dialog is, it may take a little searching to find the one you want. Once you find it, hit the Extract button on the right to send your dialog file to your new work file.


    Once it is there...open it with your dlgeditor software of your choosing. Do the work, and save it under the same name to the Overide file for the game of your choosing. That's pretty much it.

  5. What I did for my Korriban Mod for TSL...you need to add the necessary helpers/hooks to the child model ie. lightsaber hook, hand hooks, etc..and basically create a new child model. The existing child model does have adequate combat animations but may not have all like the pc animations.

  6. I made a similar force power for my Korriban expansion mod...called Sith Resurrection..where the pc is able to summon a Sith Ghost to fight with him during battle. I did not make a progression type force power just a standard power where if you have enough fp you could summon multiple. I made the force point cost high to limit its use.


    pm me and I'll give you what I have and maybe you could adapt it to what you need.

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