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  1. Great. I will get it to u ASAP. Thx

  2. I don't know if you are still around...but thanks for making that camera tutorial...I use it all the time...thx.

  3. Hey Z. What's your schedule like? Can I send you some lines for a vo. Nothing major yet, just a commoner with 5-10 lines. Bigger stuff to come. Let me know.

  4. What's up with the new avatar? Where's the holocron?

  5. Congrats on mod of the year! Hope all is going well with the mod

  6. Congrats on mod of the year for K1!

  7. Just saw your threads on the TUCE...real nice worrk there. Congrats!

  8. haven't seen you around...wondering if ok

  9. Hey DS...just used your mini-map tutorial...and it worked! Nice job, it finally got thru my thick head.

  10. Hey, thanks. Now if I could get a few more :)

  11. what happened to that mod you were working on?

  12. note to self....colors...http://endprod.com/colors/

  13. Hey, thanks for the nomination. Glad you liked it.

  14. thanks for the info

  15. you know what though.....it could be a texture conflict...looking at your picture more closely.....those red circles should be all red, and the stretching comes from circles in the next room

  16. saw your note on the mod thread...check my response

  17. Top notch work on your robes and armors. Especially love all the robes. They look fantastic!

  18. Hey Z, thanks....taking a little bit of a modding break..hope to resume following the holidays... have a Happy Thanksgiving.

  19. Glad to hear doing better....you have a lot of friends here at LF

  20. saw your post on a thread...hope everything is o.k. and feeling better.

  21. That was a pmbi texture robe, right?

  22. On deadlystream, I see you tt mdarkbladem regarding vo's. I used him for my Korriban mod, he was Raynor Valor. He is good to work with and his vo recordings are clear and quality.

  23. Your skins look fantastic! Keep up the great work.

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