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  1. Agreed, Jesse Harlin is one of the few members of the SE team that deserves praise Craig Derrick isn't the man who brought us the special editions. He's just the one who was appointed as project lead for reasons that shall forever be beyond my comprehension.
  2. Hahaha!! I recently got back from a trip to the USA, I genuinely worried about this. If I accidentally hit someone who is trying to steal my wallet I'm done for. Thankfully I've escaped every time I've been there so far. Good thing most people are actually very friendly there. P.S. The deep south isn't like in the movies at all. It's far worse. Whipwarrior: Thanks yet again, I'm printing it out right now for tonight's reading session!
  3. um... Laserschwert? Just wondering... if you've.... seen this.... for no particular reason...
  4. You're the one who decided that my smiley was a "false disarming one". Not me. And this thread is indeed about big cardboard boxes. If liking them is selling people short as you suggest then I guess I'll have to stop liking them won't I?
  5. Um... no. The DVD I have is great. Hence the smiley.
  6. Exactly. But to be fair, I'm glad they never made a MI2:SE box. That has got to be the worst box art this century so far and I would not have liked to see it next to my original. In fact the mere thought upsets me... I need a drink.
  7. Oh great haha! Mmm... where do I get such a thing... I'm obsessive about my collection and now you've gone and thrown a spanner in the works
  8. This is making me very jealous. I know it costs money to package stuff but I'd pay more for a box. It's so much more satisfying. They should do this more often. A box with a DVD and manual and quick start guide and poster and pirate bandana I know it's all about instant gratification these days but driving down to the shop to pick up a boxed copy is still far simpler than filling in forms and downloading and fighting with Steam. And best of all you have a new box for your LucasArts shelf. Mine hasn't been added to for 10 long years. Even the first season of Sam & Max just came in a DVD case. Nice but not big enough and not packed with enough stuff Would be the Germans. First they send us packing from the World Cup (again) and now they have Monkey Island in a box. It's just not fair.
  9. Good grief. There's a whole world of these things out there. Thanks for the research and links
  10. I quite like it. I love DOTT but this is how I remember the mansion when I first played MM. It's like visiting your great grandparents. Uncomfortable.
  11. You would assume so yes... but this is LucasArts. They didn't.
  12. Thanks Haggis, already tried that! No luck unfortunately. EDIT: If I try the lost password form, it says "No user with given username and e-mail address was found." But if I try to register again it says username is taken.
  13. Anyone know why I wouldn't be able to log in to the Mojo site? Click on login and it just seems to reload the page, not logged in. Also if I try logging in directly from the comments section, no go, comment not posted. Did I forget to pay my fees? I'm bad at that kind of thing.
  14. w-o-a-h! I'm the LucasArts nut. My girlfriend is Sierra mad. This shall be her birthday present. (yes I think she's mad too)
  15. Why does it take so long though? I would've thought you'd want to get patches out while the fire was still hot. Not a heap of burnt out coals. My once insatiable desire to play through a patched version is dwindling daily. And I'm a big fan. Most people won't even bother.
  16. Is that a one time purchase or do you have to renew the license for this amazing software every year?
  17. Not pedantic. Discerning And the discerning adventurer doesn't get on with LucasArts anymore. Where's my patch!?!?
  18. That does look interesting... will check it out at home this weekend
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