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  1. You have saved me for the second time, Laserschwert! I don't speak english enough to be able to express my honor! Thank you so much! p.s.: if I remember well, this is the originial resolution from the site, isn't it? ((p.s.2.: still cannot understand why new web technologies have to kill everything what was good on the internet?... is the new site really better... why has the 20th site gone... ))
  2. Thanks for all the great posters! Awesome! Yikes! /goes to the poster printer shop/ I was wondering if any of you know where to find hi-res in-game artwork of MI 2 (or MI 1). I once got a copy of the inner screen of Captain's Dread ship in "modern wallpaper" resolution, it was quite good. But I cannot remember where did I found it. Could you help me? edit: now I think these were on Lucasarts 20th anniversary website. That seems currently down... has any of you saved the artworks?
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