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  1. I would love it if you did one... that was my first try at upscaling and cleaning up the scuffs and whatnot and I know I didn't use the right filters. It's especially noticeable around the flame border for "The Curse of", a lot of definition was lost when I tried to get rid of the noise that was permeating all the colors. I still think my Grim Fandango one turned out quite nice. Especially when you compare it to the original.
  2. I saw this thread a few weeks ago and I instantly went to posterxxl and printed them out. I was, however, saddened by the fact that there wasn't a Curse of Monkey Island poster... so I made my own. I figure this is the best place to post it (please be kind to my server). Bigger preview Full size download (60x80cm @ 200dpi) I also took it upon myself to do two versions of a Grim Fandango poster. One with the slogan, and one without the slogan. Bigger preview Full size download (60x80cm @ 200dpi) Bigger preview Full size download (60x80cm @ 200dpi) I hope
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