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  1. Is it the full game? I have a demo of it on DOS.
  2. Not on these forums. http://www.weirdalforum.com
  3. Yeah, I meant the Jedi Knight series, sorry. Thanks.
  4. Indy's most hated sidekicks are Short Round and Mutt (probably the people who hate the 4th movie altogether). Vote on which one you think is worse
  5. Are the original PC games compatible with Windows Vista? Cause I want to get them and I'm worried that they'll be like a few of my other old PC games and not work with Vista.
  6. The books are crap, the movies are crap, it means as much to me as a festering bowl of dog snot.
  7. Wow, this is even better than the Weird Al Forum.
  8. To find out what you're missing about the Wii, check this out. Don't link to crap like that again unless you want to face a temp ban. ~ Lynk
  9. Like a lot of my friends, I was disappointed by the length of the game. Too short.
  10. I once was playing Battlefront on my PS2 and I was in Cloud City on the Rebel team. The Darth Vader was active on the other team, he was coming towards me and my troops, I made a desperate attempt, I fired a grenade at him and he flew out the window! I was happy even though we still ended up losing.
  11. I think the reason you believe he is awesome because of his beard... which makes him awesome.
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