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  1. what are you guys looking for at the creation part of the game hair,faces,clothes? im looking for a padawan braid myself.
  2. not really sure why. but i just want my light saber to be seen when someone see's my lightsaber i want them to go,hump interesting.
  3. i like the big lightsabers maybe there will be a quest to go forge your lightsaber and you will get to make your lightsber how you want it. i think i will have the little thorn at the end of mine with a green blade!!!!
  4. hi guys im new. anyway, there is a jedi with green jedi armor on with a brown robe and a sith with black armor and black robe. when i read the pics they read jedi pc and sith pc, does that mean jedi armor will be in the game? will it have to look like that or will there be diff types?
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