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  1. it would hurt what if TWC was canon O_O
  2. i had the same problem. i just used a different save and it workes though
  3. i only saw a little bit.... see the club :( but the parts i saw weren't TOO bad. mainly just a few false facts

  4. did you see the season 2 premere?

  5. unfortanatle i didn't see it i had the flu and i was in bed abou to watch it. then my dad came in and told me to vacuum. after that he told me to go outside and work for ye ol family buisness. then he had me shrinkwrap the products. by the time i came in it was over
  6. ah yes, i heard about this on the radio today
  7. HOOPER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOUR BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. i know! transfer the group to me and ill try

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