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  1. yeah.. plus it's my nerd name... :( i hate to get rid of it... but check my sig :D

  2. yeah i might change it back in 6 months :p

  3. i still want to be called Scav

  4. psst.... i got MTS to get an Avvy :D good sign :thmbup1:

  5. well i hope it happens soon :p

  6. BTW when i get it i want you to still call me Scav :D

  7. how long does it usualy take for the name change thing to be accepted?

  8. i hath used it but alas i must go... fairbye ner'vod :D

  9. thanks :D now to wait for the name change

  10. never played that... i stick to D&D and Star Wars

  11. and i'm not sure how hard this would be but could you put the base pic of my avvy on the right side?

  12. yeah but maybe a bit more silverish?

  13. i like it! but how about a different color to replace the white so it matches my avvy

  14. i'm serious. i ot a cup of coffe and am sitting here drinking it

  15. never mind :D i got some coffe

  16. never mind :D i got some coffe and i'm good to go

  17. if you want to get into them tell me :D well i got to go. TTYL ner'vod

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