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  1. Interestingly the Bible actually neglects to mention suicide; Click Me. So why exactly are individuals not allowed to commit suicide? And your post contradicts Jesus himself and the 10 commandments (Thou Shalt not Kill and Love your enemies). Please could you provide the Biblical basis for your position?


    Furthermore I'm not entirely sure why you think your thinking too much, or what correlation thinking and being home schooled has? Your thinking seems to have neglected the central point of my last post.


    the 5th commandment goes for harming YOURSELF as well as others. The Pope has said it him self. and the pope is infalable when taching of the catholic faith.

  2. I do believe so.


    With all possible respect, Jekk, a large percentage of the world does not hold to the values/beliefs of the Bible, and, especially in country that claims to be tolerant in all senses of the word, it does an injustice to all of us to pass laws that are based off of religious views.


    Thus, creating laws based off of a religious idea would be doing a disservice to those who fought and died to help preserve our nation and it's ideals (clicky to learn about religious freedom in the United States).


    it doesn't matter. I say it should still be consiered suicide. ugh.... i think too much :p

    BTW just call me Scav :thmbup1:



    Which only further proves you're NOT listening. I keep asking and you keep ignoring the question of: Should we try to keep a dying person alive well beyond when they would have naturally died? Or should we allow the dying to die when their time has come, and if so, should we be allowed to make it comfortable.


    I'm not talking about killing anyone, I'm not talking about harming anyone, i'm asking if people have the right to die when their body is no longer capable of living?


    i don't think they should. if God wishes them to die then i say let them die naturaly. i say there should be NO say in it for ANYONE. sure you should give them medicines to help them live, but you shouldn't KILL them. Being pro-life isn't just being against abortion.


    Firstly, you do seem to be ignoring the bits of the Bible where God orders people to kill others, read the book of Joshua - they killed all the people who occupied the land already.


    I don't wish to incur the wrath of DI here, as he is far more qualified than I to comment on Catholicism and its associated doctrines and history. However your argument would at least to me fall down for several reasons; because the Roman Catholic Church, and Pope Urban II ordered the First Crusade et al; in which an awful lot of people were murdered.


    It's not that I agree with euthanasia, but you haven't put up a convincing argument as to why it shouldn't be allowed; you've posted material which hasn't read others points, and seems to lack sensitivity in a most sensitive of topics. Quite a few of us have had to watch loved ones die excruciating deaths.


    For an example on this topic, my dad is a Doctor (a GP) - he will never give an abortion because of his religious inclinations (he passes them onto other doctors) - but with regards euthanasia while he disagrees with it, someone for instance suffering from Cystic Fibrosis they die a horrible death; and even my dad is torn on what the patient should be allowed to decide for themselves.


    Furthermore, even if what you believe is a universal absolute, why are you expecting others who do not believe what you believe to act as you do? It would seem to me, at least if you accept the Biblical portrait of Jesus, he chose love over force as a means of communicating with others. The loving thing to do is to adequately explain why you hold a position and why that is the best course of action – and to do that sensitively something you have failed to do on epic proportions.


    you make a good point. But God orders people to fight their ENEMEYS. not EACH OTHER. Suicide is suicide even if it's legal. and onece again i think too much... thats what i get for being homeschooled :p

  3. Northeren Luuve is Ice Cold. :p


    @OP: The name did ring a bell, but I don't celebrate such things. Often these great discoveries by humans, led to the most barbaric and vile actions history has ever known.


    Not that that the orginale discoverer is at fault though.


    you make a very good point there :p

  4. @The Jekk'Jekk Tarr Mandalore: While it is fine that you believe what you believe, not everyone likes being forced to live according to another's belief system.


    My belief is that people should be allowed to do as they please as long as they are not harming another.


    Why not? You claim that God gave people free will, so surely they can use that free will to harm (and even kill) themselves?


    And why should it concern others if that is what the person wants?


    Why shouldn't someone be able to harm themselves? Who are the state to determine what its citzens can do of their own free will to their own body?

    I'm genuinly curious here.


    yes God gave them free will, but he also gave them the ten commandments. the commandment "do not kill" (or harm) also goes for yourself

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