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  1. @The Jekk'Jekk Tarr Mandalore: While it is fine that you believe what you believe, not everyone likes being forced to live according to another's belief system.


    My belief is that people should be allowed to do as they please as long as they are not harming another.


    and they shouldn't be able to harm themselves.


    @everyone: Wanting to die by contract is the same as suicide. So contract or no contract, by gun or by medicine killing is killing!

  2. While I respect your religious convictions, I believe that if someone is determined to end their own life, and have been judged to be of sound mind, then that's between them and whatever beliefs they hold.


    I'm still not entirely sure about assisted suicide, but if someone decides to end their life on their own, instead of prolonging their own suffering (and I do accept Jae's point that you can avoid pain through the use of painkillers and other medication), then that's their decision.


    In my views wanting to KILL yourself is suicide even if if your not the one "pulling the trigger".

  3. Maybe they have, but it's just in a Beta Phase right now.




    I do think a Empire at War 2 would be great, but I don't see them using Sep. against Rep. for the second game. If they did do that, they would have to name the game something else wouldn't they?


    Anyway, just a thought.


    well lets hope so :D

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