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  1. but it's no longer a secret that your working on it

  2. yeah but they know your making it

  3. i was reffering to your post on te mirdala's profile. the one about the unannounced mod

  4. looks like it's announced now

  5. are you calling protocal droids geeks?

  6. is your user name based off of darth caedus or just your name/nickname?

  7. ouch! lucky for me my teeth are perfectly straight

  8. so canderis, hows life?

  9. it's in my album titled "misc"

  10. *change of subjuct as if i just did something bad*

    have you seen my new darth maul photos? i have one of him getting his tattoos

  11. my inner red neck gt kind of pale :lol:

  12. my inner red neck got kind of pale :lol:

  13. haha can't help it-i live in the city! :lol:

  14. i love RPGs. i'll trie that out

  15. hehe... a friend of mine who lives on a farm invited me over. thanks to you i didn't accept for fear of roosters! :lol:

  16. no not really. i beat Fable TLC... for the seventh time :xp:

  17. hehe... gave me a neice.

  18. so CQ what did life do to you? (what's up)

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