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  1. thanks. limited info's better than none

  2. hey, sorry to bug you but you were the first online person i could find with a lot of posts. i was wondering if you know how many posts you need to earn a new rank

  3. good. my lessons are paying off.

  4. so i said "i have a friend who wants to learn it"?

  5. that's all you know? i know a bit but not much

    vorer burc'ya gaan hibirar

    not sure if i have that right :xp:

  6. how many other people do you know who speak it?

  7. it took me a while to figure that out. it's a confusing language

  8. oh, so i got it right?

  9. where you marching to? :xp:

  10. i hope they do. i hate to see a commando go to the manda

  11. maybe. but RC's just a game. they could have tweaked it a bit

  12. it would probly be called IMPERIAL commando. i'm not dissipointed so much about et-ika, but sev's ending in order 66

  13. did she write order 66? i read it but i don't think she wrote it

  14. yeah... hard contact's her best one

  15. you mean KARREN traviss? i always loved her books

  16. it would be nice to speack it fluently

  17. i've been studying it on wookieepedia for a while. it's hard to get the hang of

  18. ah... monday... i hate mondays. especialy the 17th

  19. that's cool. where did you learn it?

  20. the patch you gave me for RC didn't work

  21. so when will you be back from your vacation?

  22. oh... my sister had her baby at about 1:30. i havn't gotten to see her yet though. the hospital's an hour away

  23. haha... i havn't seen her yet though. i probably won't for another half week or so

  24. hey, are you christian? i saw that you yelled at someone in a post for taking god's name in vain and i wondered if you were

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