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  1. You want action? Dark Side baby. Definetly, dark side charachters get more fighting, and incredible force powers. I don't think anyone will disagree with me there. :p Also, be a male. You'll get more action, in a difference sense ;) also, dark side charachters tend to gain more influence points with Kreia.

    i agree

    My opinion is probably biased, but I generally play as a pure LS character. At worst, I play as a neutral. Unfortunately, as much as I would like to play once as a DS character, I can't make myself make the nasty dialog choices to give DS points. If you're cool with that, then by all means play as DS.


    - Star Admiral



    oh come on!! thats boring! :p

  2. "I'll ask you ONE more time... WHERE IS THE HK DROID?!"

    "I... I think he went to Foerost... i did what you said... please don't kill me!"


    indeed he had... he gave the man his life for information on the droid. but he was paid by someone else NOT to give it to him


    "I'll believe you if you do me ONE favor"


    "put in a good word for me in hell"


    Kiilik pulled the trigger of his carbine. the lifeless body of the rodian scum fell tio the ground...

  3. If there had been a Bush praise song in a public school during Texas history month, there would have been an outcry from the left about how kids were getting brain-washed. Learning about Obama as important to the black community as first half-black President? Sure. Singing praises to him? That's pushing the line for me on pressuring kids with politics and doesn't belong in the classroom. If the parents of all those kids gave consent for this, then it might be something more acceptable.


    I compltely agree and i'm sick of being brain washed by politics.

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