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  1. Kiilik landed down on Dxun. it was all jungle and no town. he wlked to where the HK droid was last seen. it was a small cave. he quikly looked around for any sign of a droid. oil. whatever droid was here left oil. this was his first sign. he took out his comlink


    "Hey sir," he said


    "He's not here"

    "are you sure"


    that was one of the good fetures Ven had. He could look around for a few seconds and take in the smallest detail..

  2. The first one is awesome, and this is coming from a guy who hates Fixer. :lol:

    hey! fixers cool :p

    Those are sweet.


    Someone at my school made a Halo-Clone commando hybrid armor for Halloween. It was sweet. Personally I would want to make mandalorian armor.


    there actualy is a mandalorian costume club

  3. Kiilik entered his ship and took course for Dxun. He picked up his comlink

    "Confirm kill: Xenn Kayne"

    "that was a quick on Ven. are you sure he is dead?"


    "good. when will you start the hunt for this HK droid that's been causing all that trouble with with my men?"

    "right now. he was last seen on Dxun right?"

    "correct. just remember-he won't be TOO easy for you. you might actualy break a sweat"

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