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  1. ok, those gizka are driving me CRAZY!!! how do i get rid of them?
  2. it's not giving me the option to tell him about the quest for the star forge OR telling him we're going to kill malak... what exactly does he say?
  3. the thing is i can't tell him the truth or lies. ?????? and untill i find out how, i'll have 2 play my other best game- Fable TLC
  4. i'm controlling my character. and i can't open the darn detention block doors. and sual just keeps torturing me and i can only tell him that i would join the sith for the right price, or that i would never betray the jedi. i have no idea what to do...???
  5. i can't get into the detention block. it's locked, and i can't unlock it. and, i did'nt get to choose a character to save me ... weird
  6. thnx... and about that wookie, um,... dead... and also, how do i get away from admiral sual while i'm on his ship being tortured? i'm stuck.
  7. i have'nt gotten the korriban star map yet, and i did'nt pass any but one sith test.and also, i got the map on kasyyk (can't spell it for lack of smartness) but i can't jurny to any other planets.... am i sopposed to? (i'm new to KotOR, and thats why i'm so lost...)
  8. thanks... and my sister actualy thought it would be funny to post all my questions on different threads... left my profile logged on. and i wanted to know the cheats so i did'nt have to get off and get back on.... thanks again!
  9. actually i have the maturaty of a 5 year old...
  10. No, only the save game editer. i just installed that a couple days ago...
  11. Any body know if there are cheats for RC? i don't play it much, but i thought i might as well try finding some cheats...
  12. my little brother plays LSW1 and he wants to know if there are cheat codes for it. if so, please list them :mual:
  13. OK, so i have the cheats enabled, but none of the ones people gave me work... and also, what do you do for the giveitem cheat? do you type the name of the weapon or what? i always get a nulnade...
  14. i think it was the turbo speed. and on korriban, i actually did'nt use the cheat, but i suddenly became invincable. i did'nt even have the cheats enabled then... i used the turbo on tatooine. and also, i used the save game editer, and i changed my apperance to darth malak.... how do i change back to my own character?
  15. when the world end, i'm going to live. i'll just pack a ton of peanuts, and go outside with my thumb up for aliens to pick me up and recite their awfull poetry to me.... if the universe was in peril... then we'll talk death...
  16. the wii is stupid... i only like PCs and PS2s
  17. sounds sweet.... love the idea. hate harry potter... always did................................ don't ask..... i'm a weird guy......
  18. thnx... i also have a weird problem with cheat codes on tatooine. if i use any cheats in the dune sea, the krayt dragon falls asleep when i enter the cave and it's blocking the star map.... any help? And, on korriban, i used a cheat and it turned all the sith in the temple against me, and now i'm locked out of the academy... the doors are locked and i havent had a chance to get the star map from the caves....
  19. I'm currently looking for all the star maps, and i don't know how to get the one on yavin (if there is one). how do you find it? :ewok:
  20. I have the SWBoPC version of KotOR,and i can't open up the swkotor.ini file. where is it and howdo i enable cheats? :ewok:
  21. I'm new to KotOR, and i can't get the cheats to work... how do i activate the EnableCheats=1 thingababob?... Help.... ne1
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