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  1. um.. i don't think they had those in WWII :p

  2. V was that towards me? V if so see for yourself :xp:




    i'll leave you to decide :p

  3. yeah, i ate veteran mode :p

  4. O_O i just got my head shot off!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. yeah i'm not sure what that is either :lol:

  6. not yet. i think i'm just gunna stick to what i do best :D

  7. yeah. try to fin "Hard Contact'. they'e really good :D BTW they're by karen traviss

  8. well i din't used to but i was doing an online school :D

  9. ah... just like the storm of 08 :D good times :D power was out for a week meaning no school :p

  10. its raining! so i don't have to do the yard work :D!!!

  11. sorry but that won't peirce my Beskar'gam :D

  12. I AHVE NO SOUL!!!!! :iceburn: what are you gunna do now?!

  13. hahahaha..... what's your deviant name?

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