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  1. oh... then i is NO a n00b :D

  2. i know this sounds n00bish but how do you make a poll?

  3. tehehehehe... responsabilitys will never catch me!!!!!

  4. i know :D.... well i got to go.... i have responsabilitys now :(

  5. ahem.... check ut my GIMP album :D i have Jango in there.... 0_o

  6. you should change your name to that :D or your sig

  7. *as billy would say*

    "lets play!"

    *tosses ball*

  8. *tosses him a ball*

    lets play :D

  9. 0.0...... i might steal that seconed avvy you gave to MTS :drool1:

  10. do you read the Republic Commando novels?

  11. i just wanted to try this one for a while... 6 months :p

  12. it just makes perfect sense.... idk why... <_<

  13. :lol: i have an act for that. i have discovered that mur'phon hates me <_<
  14. i refuse to make it it's ORIGINAL size... but i DID shrink it :D

  15. hey! guy who turned me into me again!

  16. ok, i don't know what you have against me and i really don't care. just be ploite about hating me though ok?

  17. well i really DO have to go now... TTYL ner'vod

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