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  1. Hey Im just going buy what I see in those screen shots and most the weapons look lame to me. They are better than I could do however haha. The ones that I do like is the Saber hilts all the other weapons I really don't care for except maybe Calo's pistols.
  2. Yes I've heard that mod I've consider using it but no offensive to the creators or anything but most the weapons are kind of lame. I love some of them though, but that mod it self doesn't seem to add a bunch of Saber hilts like USM does for TSL. Im was hoping that somone or gourp could do a bunch of Saber Hilts like USM. I would but I have no idea how to mod and don't really have the time the learn at the moment.
  3. I love the USM for TSL its probly my favorite mod. This is pretty big request but is there any way we could get a USM for KOTOR? Have a bunch of different hilts plus unique hilts for each Jedi character. Having a mod like that would complete KOTOR for me.
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