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  1. oh typical i say something and the forum becomes dead, thanks alot.
  2. Combo: throw lightsaber Force Power: lighting force push Crystal Color: Blue Outfit: Sith Robes
  3. After see'ing a video on Star Wars Battle Front 2 on ps2 i know there is a way tht u can get Jedi in space battle's ive seen evidence does anyone know how you do it.
  4. i dont look at dates i just open a forum of intrest and post
  5. Perfect control; Go to the control point in the corner with the turrets lay down some mines and keep scouting this area. It is very good at defence and is the hardest control point on the map. Go on the roof next to the CP and look around from their you can get some good shots with just a normal trooper. It makes it easier if your losing coz the enemy always try to take it back. It might work on multiplayer especially if most of your units are thier the enemy will never get close enough to take it back. This works on all reign's
  6. i have used a turret to destroy one but while im shooting at the ships the other units are shooting at me.
  7. Hey i just tried it and it worked but only managed to do it twice out of like 50 times. The first time i went all the way around the ship and the second time jumped onto a frigate and destroyed the turret that was twice the size of me lol. U dont relize how big they are until your walking on one of them.
  8. shut your gob and stuff regulations it wasnt meant as showing off you suka.
  9. If your stuck on any missions or want to ask any questions put them here, i never get defeat even when its on Elite settings and i have like thousands of kills so if you have any problems am sure i can help.
  10. ive only read about half of this but my theory is... Vader used the apprentice to find the rebellion(palpatine's enemys) and did not intend on killing the emperor with him. He wanted to kill the emperor with Luke. Oringanally he wanted the apprentice to kill palpatine's enemy's and then die trying to kill the emperor but when he found out the emperor knew he decided to go along with the emperor's plan which is... Find plapatines enemy's and capture them, while capturing them let vader kill the apprentice and then the emperor can execute his enemy's. The emperor and Vader thought there plan had worked until the aprentice turned up on the death star.
  11. i havent found a green that is located at the top when you customize your light saber aka Green 1
  12. Here are the locations of almost all the crystals but some may be miscalculated. Tell me if im wrong... TIE Construction Yard: Green: After you leave the third large room (counting the first room you are in), it's on top of the stairs. Trial of Skill: Purple: Inside a Jedi statue near the left staircase. Raxus Prime: Orange: In the left corner of the room you fight a Junk Behemoth. Purple: Near the end of the last area before the final fight. Trial of Insight Green: In a pile of ruble in the bottom right corner of the temple's main room. Blue: It's in the temple's main room, on the left side walk way, close to the entrance. Felucia: Red: After you fight the first Rancor, it's in a small rock to your left. Purple: After you fight 2 Rancors, when you're standing at the exit. Turn left, it's in a rock on the wall. Kashyyyk: Red: After you fight the first AT-ST, it is inside some fire on the right side of the room. Orange: In the area you fight the second AT-ST, it is just to the left of the entrance. Dark Felucia: Green: After you've fought the Bull Rancor; when you go into the next room, it is in the back right corner (behind some plants). Imperial Raxus Prime: Blue: In the AT-ST hangar bay, after you've destroyed it, destroy the 2 control panels near the exit (this will open a door in the empty bay). Go to the empty bay, double-jump to the cross bar, double-jump into the open door, turn around and double-jump to the second floor. It's right behind you when you get to the second floor. Red: The next room, it's on a ledge just to the left of the entrance. Cloud City: Blue: After you fight Kleef then go back down the elevator, it's behind this elevator. Death Star: Orange: When you are fighting the AT-ST, before you destroy it, it's on the walk way on the right side of the room.
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