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  1. Worked like a charm I was only on level 4 so its all good ^_^ One slight problem, everything works fine but the new HUD doesn't show up. I prefer the old one anyways but I'm just wondering why sometimes it shows up and sometimes it doesn't xD
  2. OK, first time here plus only had Jedi Knight for about a week so forgive me if I've missed something stupid XP Anyway, after getting JKII a couple years back, I loved it. A year after, I bought JKA which was... alright, not as good as JKII ^_^ Now I'm onto DFII and am loving it. After doing some googling about mods and stuff, I found JK Enhanced. Then I came here and found Zwier Zak's thingie that made that and other mods into a simple setup. So I tried it, and all the mods are pretty much working apart from one thing... The map is messed up and I haven't a clue why T_T
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