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  1. Araeana grabbed Chikara around his midsection. "Going up?"
  2. "Yeah..." Araeana jumped as she heard a loud banging behind her. "But probably not fast enough..."
  3. Araeana quickly shut the door behind herself and Chikara, then drew her blaster and welded the door to its frame. "That should keep 'em for a little while." She returned to Chikara's side.
  4. ((OOC: Aaaawww... But I'm curious! *play-pout*))
  5. "Chikara, you're going to collapse again if you keep running..." Araeana said, concerned.
  6. ((OOC: M@rs, can you actually write what Kaden told Chikara of his purpose, so we know? Thanks. )) Araeana looked back and forth between the two men, hoping neither would become violent.
  7. Araeana hastily drew her blaster and shot at the droids. "Kaden! Some help?" [Now would be a really great time for Chikara to wake up, Araeana thought]
  8. Araeana searched Kaden's face, trying to determine why his expression was suddenly so pained. "I'm with him because he is my friend, and he needs my help." Araeana said earnestly. Her tone became softer. "Tell me, Kaden... Please... Why have you been following me?"
  9. Araeana bent over Chikara on his other side, still not fully trusting of Kaden. "His mechanical arm snapped off when he was... well, sliding down the side of a building using it. He fell pretty hard. He's been unconscious for almost a half-hour now..." Araeana could see that Kaden was a full-fledged Jedi now. She would try to keep Chikara's dark new persona a secret from him, for Chikara's protection.
  10. "Kaden...? From the academy? Wh-what are you doing here?" She put away her gun and stepped forward to greet him.
  11. "Don't move!" Araeana shouted at the intruder, her blaster pointed at his head. "I don't know who you are, but you'd better just turn back around and get outta here before I blast you!" She stood right in front of Chikara's unconscious body protectively.
  12. Araeana heard the loud thunk of Chikara hitting the tunnel floor. She turned and ran back to his side. She stooped and rolled him over, checking to make sure his vitals were okay. She knelt on the cold floor for a moment, wondering what on earth to do now. She had to find some sort of safe shelter for them. She attempted to lift Chikara onto her back, but his weight nearly brought her to the ground. "Oh c'mon! How can someone so skinny weigh a friggin ton?" She had to get them out of the middle of this tunnel at any rate. She struggled forward, Chikara's non-responsive body weighing her down. Near the end of the tunnel, she found a door panel. She gently laid Chikara down and tried it. It was locked. Araeana pulled her blaster out of its holster and blasted the panel twice. The door slid open. She dragged Chikara inside and resealed the door, taking a few moments to reprogram the lock. She looked around at the small room. It was a maintenance chamber. Four maintenance and cleaning droids lined the walls. Exhausted, Araeana sat down, her back against a plasteel cylinder and watched Chikara with concern.
  13. "Are you sure you're okay?" Araeana started walking briskly into the dark tunnel. She looked back over her shoulder at Chikara, worried.
  14. Araeana disentangled herself from Chikara, feeling utterly sore. She got up and assisted Chikara in getting to his feet. "Are you okay?" She looked down and saw that half of his mechanical arm had snapped off, leaving him with a sparking stump. "Oh Chikara..." She sighed sympathetically.
  15. "B-but..." Araeana looked back towards her beloved ship, imagining it as a flaming heap of wreckage. Finally she locked her arms around Chikara's mid-section, looking down at her boots with a resigned expression.
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