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  1. http://forums.station.sony.com/swg/posts/list.m?topic_id=1220357
  2. don't leave us hangin' too long broseph!

  3. ^^ that could be interesting, and give the plot a nice little twist.
  4. Your Carth and Bao-Dur are outstanding! I'm sure logan would definately consider casting you for those roles. As for your Atton, i think it needs to sound abit deeper and alittle more monotonous. The quality of the recordings are very good aswell!
  5. Do you all have the 1.1 patch? *edit* oops, wrong game
  6. Odds are, if your current rig wouldn't meet the nessessary requirements for TOR, you should be using that thing anyway. One of the reason they went with the whole stylized look as opposed to another game that looks like real life is so some of the mid to lower end PCs can run it flawlessly.
  7. Changing classes/factions isn't going to be an option, but they may consider it for a future update when the game is live.
  8. I know there is alot of great feel for both KoTOR 1 and II's original music, but any chance of a few songs from the K2 playlist being replaced?
  9. VOs for existing characters will probabely be a bitch, even if some will be just for cameos, good luck!
  10. Great modcast man! it must take alot of work to do one that lasts 31 minutes! lol
  11. Post from Daniel Erikson on the TOR forums - Wow. Great thread. It's fantastic to see all the excitement around the KOTOR lore. There is much that we obviously aren’t revealing but I did want to clear up any misconceptions about what I was talking about in the interview. * Revan and Malak went into deep space and met the Sith Emperor. They were turned and sent back to prepare the way for the return of the true Sith. * Being Sith and away from the Emperor’s direct influence neither Revan nor Malak followed orders exactly as they were supposed to. Then, of course, Malak betrayed Revan. * The Jedi took in Revan and returned him to the light, though as it was not a natural turn for him when he went dark, there was much they couldn’t undo and they decided to remove his memories and hopefully his taint with it. Yes, Revan’s return to the light (and his gender as male) are canon. * Later Revan returned to deep space to confront what he knew was out there but how much he actually remembered and how clearly he remembered it is still a mystery, as are the events that followed. What we do know is that it took hundreds of years for the Sith to re-emerge as originally planned. The rest is all speculation and have fun with that. For those of you convinced that somehow we’re going to destroy KOTOR, I ask you to remember that the creative team (including the lead writer and lead designer) that was in charge of KOTOR’s story is on this staff, working on this game. Trust us that our investment in this lore is at least as strong as yours.
  12. controversial interview is controversial, time to troll the TOR boards
  13. Maybe they had already turned or began to, but i imagine nothing can quite turn you as effectively as a Sith Emperor of the Sith race, which one could argue is the very heart of the darkside in the star wars universe. The soldiers still went by the name of the Sith under Revan's rule, i was just somewhat vague in the OP in that department. "More than twenty-five thousand years ago, the Sith were unified by the long-lived King Adas, who led the revolt against Rakata invaders and subsequently acquired Rakatan technology." - Seviss Vaa Whos to say the Sith weren't in possession of the Starforge at the time, and used it as a lure. Seeing as the Rakatans taught King Adas how to harness such technologies as holocrons and possibly even revealed the star forge, before the Sith drove them away under the assumption they were invaders. Maybe not so willingly, afterall, Revan and Malak DID encounter the Star Maps, and seek out the Star Forge, its just that it could have been in the possession of the Sith Emperor at the time, who may have used it as a lure to bring them in, and convince the two able leaders to do his bidding.
  14. As stated by Daniel Erickson of the SW:TOR team during an interview with game informer. - When Revan and Malak ventured into deep space, they encountered and were turned to the dark side by the Sith Emperor, who convinced them to join the Sith, and sent them back to the known galaxy to weaken the Republic and set the groundwork for a new Sith Empire, so the Sith Emperor could come in and take over. -"And the emperor of the Old Sith from the Great Hyperspace War, that the Jedi thought they had killed off." Many speculate that this emperor is none other than Naga Sadow (Naga Sadow's tomb wasn't essentially empty for nothing ), it makes sense, it wouldn't be the first time Naga Sadow has cheated death. -The Emperor's plan was going exactly as intended until Malak overthrew Dark Revan, and took over, as we know, and built his own Sith Empire, who were Sith by name only. So basically, Revan DID infact turn to the darkside (despite what a select few people think), and along with Malak, was essentially a pawn to the Emperor all along. Your Thoughts? http://gameinformer.com/games/star_wars_the_old_republic/m/star_wars_the_old_republic_media/108340.aspx This really got me thinking, after Revan regained his memory and defeated his former friend Malak, could it have been the Sith Emperor Revan set out to find in his second voyage beyond the known galaxy? Could Naga Sadow have been the one in the possession of the Star Forge at the time of Revan and Malak's first venture out into deep space? According to Wookieepedia, Ajunta Pall hinted that the Star Forge may have been known to, and used by the Sith, so perhaps it could have been in the possession of Sith Emperors for thousands of years, but over 15,000 years after it's construction by the infinite Empire. Just something to think about i guess.
  15. FaZzZa99


    I take it you've never been to the site most of the mods on the lucasforums kotor mod section are hosted on?
  16. Lately whenever i try a fresh install of KoTOR one straight after it finishes with the last disk i go to check out the directory to make sure all is well, but inside the Override folder is about 60 or so .KCF (or something like that) files, along with the two files which are put into the Override folder after patching, which i haven't done yet. Any ideas??? *Edit* yes i am using Windows 7
  17. found the solution alittle awhile ago, it was actually something to do with the widescreen mod, found a guide to stop the patcher from tampering with the BIKs
  18. I have vista btw, and have made sure to install properly and replace the mss32.dll file in my kotor directory
  19. thought he was just saying he hadn't played it
  20. stating whether it'll be for kotor 1 or 2 might help
  21. thought it was Al-Qaeda who were responsible
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