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  1. i have a problem with KoTOR 1 where before and after each BIK movie the screen fades black and only the cursor is visible, with the only solution being to minimize and re-open the game client each time, anyway to fix this?
  2. hey, with your Ultimate Saber Mod (TSLPatcher Version) project do you think you could sort out all the grammar mistakes in the mod also?


    O, and Undertaker FTW, hope he returns soon

  3. the saber/crystal descriptions are full of mistakes :/
  4. seeing as i doubt the USM team would ever update the USM again, would anyone be willing to tackle this task?
  5. Seeing as filefront has gone kinda funky, does anyone know of any alternative download places for this mod? if not, can anyone send me this to me, i'm approaching endgame and don't want commoner sith lords to kill it
  6. Several of the images over there are getting the red X treatment and trying to download files results in "internet explorer cannot display the webpage"
  7. its in the kotor downloads section on gamevixenzone.com, gotta register though, but its free
  8. oh my god, those things are huge!!
  9. Human, as if we don't get to see enough of them already
  10. Revan, because Norris is an overrated piece of crap
  11. Hey, incase i mis-sent the PM, if you ever need creative ideas for any aspect of TJM don't hesitate a shout, plus i've got the Holiday's comin' up and have alot of free time on my hands :xp:

  12. Hey man, any chance of a fixed link for the collar fix on your site?

  13. *EDIT* Nevermind, did some research and fixed the problem Hey guys, i've recently been purchased a new 16:9 Dell monitor, and i'd thought i'd try and roll one with of my favourite games, KoTOR, and used a guide a found somewhere to make it more widescreen friendly, but no matter what graphics settings i've been using, it always seems to be lagging and occasionally freezing, which it never did on my smaller monitor. Is there possibly anything that can be done about this? I have yet to do a modded playthrough of KoTOR
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