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  1. Full Throttle Remastered announced for PS4 and PSVita! Hopefully we'll see a PC version soon too. Excellent news! http://www.pcgamer.com/full-throttle-is-getting-a-remaster-too/ http://www.ign.com/articles/2015/12/05/psx-2015-full-throttle-hd-coming-from-double-fine
  2. Very nice! Congratulations if it is your work!
  3. Sorry for the late reply. I don't even think they had much playable content in it. Probably only Lucasarts developers might have had access to the unfinished work, but it would have been of course, illegal to post it on the web/share it. Now that Lucasarts is dead, probably Disney trashed it completely. You can go ahead and find some of the ex-Lucasarts devs on Twitter or something. Post back if you get any results!
  4. You can also find the complete Soundtrack ripped from the game at the Downloads section of http://www.polecatshideout.co.nr
  5. lol Hey man, that's really cool.
  6. Yeah. Anyway, biker leaders are leaders for a reason (maybe greater intelligence and perception), and most of them would follow their crew leaders through fire. When they heard Ben's bike leaving, they did no second thinking. Also note that The Polecats were broke. Only Ben stood against this oportunity of gaining money. I'm sure the others were eager to gain a few bucks. "Now, Bolus returned not long afterwards, the trio did what they had to do and their limo followed the band. Since Corley required frequent pit stops they would easily catch up with them." That's another theory to the blackmailed bartender. Anyway. I'm sure nobody cared about someone missing. Corley only cared about riding on a bike again and The Polecats cared about following their leader and gaining money. That's it.
  7. Hello there, it's nice to see someone is playing Full Throttle in 2011 So. The word "Coat" can also be interpreted as a derogatory term. When he says "Take this coat and go get his motorcycle" i believe he refers to Ben. I agree with you on the theory that Nestor and/or Bolus returned to the Kickstand, sabotaged the bike and threatened the bartender to stall Ben, but i believe the "coat" was Ben, it had nothing to do with Ben's leather jacket. As for the vechicle they used to come back to the Kickstand, later on in the game they drive a different hovercar, the blue one that you take the fan from. It's possible that they used that one. Of course, in every game or movie such plot gaps can sometimes be inevitable. Nice one on this, but we really don't have to judge the developers for these gaps.
  8. I agree with you on this one, Loozer. They made it that way that makes you don't care about things like that. You can see this in many movies and games. An example is the recent Surrogates movie , starring Bruce Willis. It makes you don't care about details , like what kind of mobile phones do they use in that time , and stuff. Anyway , Full Throttle is a masterpiece. And i hate how it ended up abandoned by its creators. It doesn't even show up on Lucasarts' website. These guys should be proud of it and let people know about old masterpieces like this. Almost nobody knows about games like Full Throttle and Grim Fandango these days , even if it's quite a difference in popularity. I really wish they bring some life in these games , just like Telltale did with Monkey Island (even though it's nothing compared to the originals)
  9. Wow. Great job! Mind if i put the picture on the Polecats' Hideout?
  10. For now i have to get in touch with Origo, because i didn't talk to him for some time. After that we will see. Update: I talked to Origo and it's quite clear that only two people can't do much game design. Progress is being made with my story , but i have no experience in creating games , and Origo can't do much even with his experience. The project is definitely not canceled , but on hold until i finish my novel and/or until we get more Full Throttle fans to help work on the game creation.
  11. Adrian Ripburger , the villain of Full Throttle is now included in Gamespot.com's "All Time Greatest Villain" roster. What do you guys think of this? Update: He has been eliminated in the first round by the Pac-man so called Villains , the Pac-man ghosts.
  12. If by "instrumental" you mean without vocals i cannot help you , but you may be able to rip the voice with the right software If you mean the original song without any sounds from the game , here it is http://www.2shared.com/audio/RoJS8IoV/The_Gone_Jackals_-_Bone_to_Pic.html edit - Sorry of the delay and make sure to click save to PC and not any of the ads.
  13. The icecream reminds me of The Curse Of Monkey Island. Haha , Icecream with dog-costume hair and pepper. Amazing games. Too bad you don't see such pieces of art these days
  14. It looks very good. Ben looks a bit old with those wrinkles on his cheeks , but it's not a big deal. Good Job.
  15. Hey , it's not the end of the world The RPG will be at least as good as the adventure game , which we may work on as well this summer. Until then we may gather more team members.
  16. We have moved back to RPG genre , even though we all want an adventure game , it would be better to start off with an RPG game. Probably we won't be able to make cutscenes. Origo should know more.
  17. Ha! I don't think it's real. But funny though. Good one.
  18. We haven't decided yet , but i am quite sure we are going to use a larger one than the original FT.
  19. "Tales of Monkey Island was developed by Telltale Games, under license from LucasArts." - Wikipedia http://www.telltalegames.com/monkeyisland/faq "Does Lucasarts know what you're doing? Answer : Of course they do! (Monkey Island is a LucasArts property, after all.) We licensed the Monkey Island rights from LucasArts, the same way we've licensed other franchises from their owners—like Sam & Max from Steve Purcell, Strong Bad from the Brothers Chaps, and Wallace & Gromit from Aardman—and now we're working closely with them to bring you this new chapter in Guybrush's adventures." - Tales Of Monkey Island FAQ It is quite clear Telltale licensed Tales Of Monkey island , but it is not known if they "bought" the license. Either way , they made a sequel for the MI series , so why say a FT sequel wouldn't be possible? I cannot ask Tim Schafer why he doesn't buy the FT license, but it is his game , and he made it quite clear that it is his favourite work of all time. @Origo : Full Throttle has a huge potential as a saga , and Tim Schafer is the only one that can come up with ideas to continue his work. Nobody will be able to do it better than him. Maybe we will remind him and Lucasarts of FT with our fangame. Let's just make it happen.
  20. You guys are too pessimistic. Double Fine can buy the rights to make a sequel. Everyone wants that including Tim Schafer. Telltale games bought the rights to make Tales Of Monkey Island , so why won't Double Fine do the same thing? A sequel is always possible , and may come by surprise. I'm telling you , Tim Schafer won't die until he will make a sequel.
  21. Yes , i agree. Still i think Double Fine would do better than Telltale on Full Throttle. Brütal Legend was a good game!
  22. "I don´t think we should use ripped backgrounds from the game, because when we draw new ones, they might not fit together. And anyway, I think that the happenings of the game will not be located in the Melonweed, Corville or anywhere near there, expect Kick-stand can be used. We should create couple of new cities and characters." I agree with that , though my novel starts in Melonweed and includes a few old characters. That is in the beginning though. I think it's good enough to use it as the game story , but if you don't want to use it , it's fine with me. You're the boss. Still , don't you think that not including Ben and a few original characters would kinda be wrong? It's a fan game after all... I mean , sure we will create new locations and characters , but we should keep the Full Throttle-feel.
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