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  1. I've encountered a strange glitch in TIE Fighter CD-ROM (running in DOSBox 0.73), which affects flying with the Assault Gunboat. I am using the mouse for control (I don't have a joystick and I do not intend to buy one). Here is the problem: vertical pitch of the GUN seems to act strange - pitching down is much faster than pitching up. It's like the sensitivity for pitching down is stronger than it should be. As a result of this, it is hard for me to keep the Gunboat's nose up. It always goes down, and this can be really frustrating, especially in dogfights. Even the slightest movement of the mouse can break my aim. Just to be sure, I checked the situation in the older floppy edition of TIE Fighter. Everything is fine there. The Gunboat's control is accurate and smooth, just as with any other craft. Pitching up and down works fine. So the problem occurs only in the CD version. And only the Gunboat is affected Any ideas what could be causing this? Any way to correct it?
  2. The trick is - don't use the CD. Copy all the game-related files from the CD to a folder on your harddrive, then mount this folder as a CD drive inside DOSBox - this will allow the game to access its data much faster and smoother. And you will avoid any possible interference from Autoplay. If you've copied the files in, for example, E:\TIEFCD, (or any other folder of your choice) then you use this command in DOSBox: "mount (drive letter of your choice) E:\TIEFCD -t cdrom" The game will now recognize the folder E:\TIEFCD as its own original CD. All you have to do now is install... and you're ready to play Of course, you will have to mount E:\TIEFCD as a CD every time you start DOSBox (when you exit, the mount is lost). The game won't run without it. That's what I did - and the game runs very fast and smooth. Set core to "dynamic" and cycles to "auto" and you're ready to bring justice to those pesky Rebels!
  3. Ok, first off - my game isn't too fast, its speed is just fine The problem I have is with the camera - it moves way slower than my spacecraft, and I find myself looking at a tiny distant X-Wing, barely able to aim and shoot properly. It is normal at first, then my craft starts moving farther and farther from the camera (until it becomes really small). Switching to the next camera mode does help, and it is a good altrernative, but I still prefer the opriginal camera (much more convenient). Game version is 1.3, the computer is an Acer laptop, 1.5 GHz single-core, Windows XP SP2. Graphics card is some crappy Intel thing, I won't even bother mentioning its name... Suggestions? Thanks
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