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  1. Here you guys go. I didn't make this, someone who goes by mb is making this.
  2. Unfortunately I have no clue what the deal is with the DFmod team. That throwable stuff mod sounds neat, though.
  3. Haha, it's nice to come back to these forums and see a debate erupt. Thank you for the kind words, exonimus. Omnisu, while rather blunt, is correct. I'm not doing all the work you see. Levels 1, 4, and 5 are all mine, but Omnisu did the layout for level 3 and I did the details and scripts. He's currently orange-mapping level 2 (and has some very neat looking things going on, I might add.) I can tell you that I'm really glad that I inspired you so much, and I agree with you about some levels in MotS. I really look forward to seeing Kappa (sp?) the hutt's levels.
  4. Ah ha, that'd be vastly useful. I have a handful of textures from people who have recrereated them, but there are a lot I don't have from 06barons.
  5. still pretty bare, work in progress as usual.
  6. So, I'm getting quite far along in my own little JKmod, and I am running into things that I can't tackle because I have no experience with it. Namely, replacing enemies. I know in DFmod you guys replaced certain enemies and made new ones, and on top of that you gave them a new set of unique sounds. How do you do it? I want to replace the tuskens with this grave tusken (wip) skin someone is making for me.
  7. no need to thank me, I'm pretty much doing this for my own enjoyment.
  8. so while I'm waiting for some grave tusken skins to come my way, I started working on level 5:
  9. Yeah the original was just a bunch of inexplicably electrified acid. In my version, a waste pipe has split open (you can see it spilling waste (my own custom .efx! ) in the shot), and an exposed set of broken wires is electrifying it. The whole area has more or less fallen into disrepair since the Tuskens took over, and I'm trying to convey that.
  10. Heh you may be right about the voice acting. It isn't my voice by the way, I had someone else do those lines, but he disappeared lately.
  11. How do you guys plan on doing the field light? I need to find a way to make a dynamic light source, and I have an idea. I want to take the glow that is cast by the lightsaber, make it white/yellow, make it toggleable as an inventory item, and significantly increase the radius. This is really the best way I can think of achieving a dynamic light source, since the lightsaber actually does a good job, it's just that it casts such a feeble radius of light. What do you guys think? Possible? You have already done some great things with the game.
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